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No cars allowed sign | © Geet Theerawat
No cars allowed sign | © Geet Theerawat
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Brooklyn's Prospect Park Bans Cars this Summer

Picture of Nikki Vargas
Travel Editor
Updated: 17 July 2017
Bikers and park-goers rejoice! Brooklyn’s popular Prospect Park will be going green this summer.

New York City officials recently announced that Prospect Park would go car-free between July 17 and September 11. While the park’s West Drive is already car-free, the recent announcement will ensure the entire park is sans vehicles for the remainder of the summer.

“As we already saw when we made the Prospect Park West Drive car-free two years ago, a safer and quieter park improves the safety and enjoyment for thousands of park users–and has a negligible effect on traffic outside the park,” NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement.

Car-free Prospect Park, Brooklyn | © Shinya Suzuki
Car-free Prospect Park, Brooklyn | © Shinya Suzuki/Flickr

Since 1979, Transportation Alternatives has run a campaign to transform Central Park and Prospect Park into permanent car-free zones. According to, “after nearly four decades, 130,000 petition signatures and countless community meetings, rallies and marches, the City has announced that Central Park’s loop drives north of 72nd Street and Prospect Park West Drive will be permanently car-free. Other areas will remain open to traffic.”

In a city that all too often succumbs to smog, traffic and noise, advocacy groups are pushing to protect New York’s parks and keep them free of honks and exhaust fumes.

Until then, New Yorkers can enjoy a car-free Prospect Park. “We are thrilled to bring even more of Prospect Park to even more of Brooklyn for the next couple months,” De Blasio said.