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Dog cafe | © Ross Sokolovski/Unsplash
Dog cafe | © Ross Sokolovski/Unsplash
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New York to Open First Dog Cafe in the City

Picture of Nikki Vargas
Travel Editor
Updated: 20 July 2017
Get ready, New Yorkers! A new cafe and wine bar hybrid is coming to our fair city, that will double as NYC’s first ever dog cafe.

Home to two popular cat cafes—Meow Parlour and Koneko—New York is no stranger to mixing coffee and playtime with furry friends. This winter, the East Village will welcome a much anticipated addition to the coffee scene: Boris and Horton, named after the dogs of owners Coppy and Logan Holzman.

“Two storefronts are being combined to form the two-fold space—the cafe side will occupy the space recently vacated by beloved Ost Cafe, while the dog-friendly side will take over the former Raclette cheese shop, which moved to a larger space in September of last year,” reports DNA Info.

Dog in a cafe | © Johan Larsson/Flickr
Dog in a cafe | © Johan Larsson/Flickr

Borton and Horton will differ from New York’s cat cafes, where the felines are rescues. At Meow Parlour, for example, the cats reside on premise awaiting adoption from patrons. Boris and Horton, on the other hand, will not have dogs living on premise but rather will act as a dog-friendly cafe for owners to bring their pets. In other words, if you fall in love with a pooch, you do not have the option to take it home.

Boris and Horton will open on the corner of East 12th and Avenue A and will be divided into two sections by a glass wall, per rules of the Department of Health & Safety. On one side, guests will enjoy pastries, sandwiches and all the trappings of a fully functioning cafe; on the other ‘pet-friendly’ side of the glass, guests can lounge with dogs, buy pet supplies and even enjoy a photo booth with their furry friend.

For those New Yorkers who do not own dogs, the set up still allows guests to enjoy the dog-filled play area. Boris and Horton “will also cater to those in the market for a furry friend—with dog adoption events in partnership with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue,” writes DNA Info.