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New York is home to startups trying to change the world for the better | © Pixabay
New York is home to startups trying to change the world for the better | © Pixabay
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New York Startups Making a Difference in the World

Picture of Peter Ward
Tech Editor
Updated: 19 March 2018
Startups often claim they’re trying to change the world. And sometimes they do, although not always for the better. These startups based in New York are definitely trying to make the world a more pleasant place, by helping those in need.


Causevox, a Brooklyn-based startup, helps nonprofits reach new donors, get their supporters excited, and raise more money online, by providing the technology behind fundraising campaigns. The company’s platform can be used to create online pages that work across devices, allow a charity’s supporters to create personal pages, as well asbuild their own fundraising campaigns, and launch online campaigns without the need for coders or designers.


Hometeam is a startup focused on helping the elderly. The company is looking to change the way home care works, making it easier for families to find caregivers for their loved ones when they need a little help around the house. The company connects families with caregivers and then keeps them updated on what’s happening in the house while they’re there. The company was founded in New York in 2014. “We recognized that delivering exceptional care and support for families started with reimagining how professional Caregivers are trained, supported, and connected. We extend that support to family caregivers as well, who play a vital role in ensuring older adults are able to age safely,” the company website reads.

Hometeam makes it easier to get help at home for the elderly | © Pixabay


WeDidIt also works in the fundraising platform space, making it easier for nonprofits to receive and appeal for money from donors and supporters. WeDidIt also offers insights into the audiences of nonprofits, and helps teams improve their fundraising skills through educational material and online classes.


If you’re a nonprofit looking for volunteers, or a good citizen trying to find somewhere to help out, Catchafire can work for you. The platform matches skilled professional volunteers with nonprofits to help them achieve their goals. “Our mission is to provide talented individuals with meaningful pro bono experiences in order to build capacity for social good organizations,” the company website states.

Donors Choose

Donors Choose allows people to donate to a classroom in need in America. It’s a sad indictment of the state of American education that this would be even necessary, but so it is. lets public school teachers from anywhere in America post classroom projects requests, and the public can then give any amount they desire.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles lets you move with purpose. The company helps you earn money for charity by biking, walking, or running. Brands are able to sponsor people through the company, and some pretty big name companies are on there. All you have to do is get active and start earning money for people less fortunate than you.

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