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Courtesy of The End Brooklyn
Courtesy of The End Brooklyn
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Introducing the Ultra Healthy Merbabe Latte

Picture of Esme Benjamin
Wellness Editor
Updated: 10 May 2017
With its menu of caffeine-free, rainbow-hued, nut milk lattes, The End Brooklyn feels like a transplant from Los Angeles. Items from the Williamsburg cafe’s Plant Alchemy menu—which uses extracts from natural sources to create hot beverages as pretty as they are healthy—have become social media sensations, most notably the Unicorn Latte. This spring, there’s a brand new Instagram-optimized, mythical creature-inspired addition: The Merbabe.

Billed as a drink that “supports inner strength, beauty and wisdom using ingredients inspired by the ocean, salty air and tropically kissed lands”, the Merbabe contains nutrients that specifically work to support women’s health — promoting hormonal balance, physical strength, and supple skin.

The pinky-purplish potion contains marine collagen for its anti-aging properties; adaptogenic herb schizandra, which aids physical strength and is prescribed in Chinese medicine to enhance sexual energy; dragonfruit, packed with vitamins and antioxidants; coconut mylk mixed with e3 live, a blue green algae that boosts immunity and fights inflammation; kelp flakes, which are a rich source of thyroid-supporting iodine; and flax seed, which encourages healthy hair and skin thanks to its high omega-3, iron, and manganese content.

Courtesy of The End Brooklyn
Courtesy of The End Brooklyn

Although the latte doesn’t contain any caffeine, its recipe is composed of ingredients that aid clarity and pep you up without the downside of an energy crash later. It might not replace coffee as you daily go-to, but the Merbabe is definitely worth seeking out post-weekend brunch. Especially if you need to atone for multiple mimosas.