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Mega Moscow Mule Ice Cream Float | © PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown
Mega Moscow Mule Ice Cream Float | © PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown
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Meet the Largest Moscow Mule Ice Cream Float You'll Ever See

Picture of Michael LoRé
Sports Editor
Updated: 23 August 2017
As if a 164-ounce Mega Moscow Mule doesn’t sound tasty enough, PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown in New York City has taken its popular Instagrammable group drink to the next level with a little makeover for the end of the summer.

Available through Sept. 4, the drink is a perfect combination of Ketel One Vodka, Owen’s Ginger + Lime carbonated craft mixers and Sprinkles ice cream. As eye-popping as it is seeing the cocktail, which weighs nearly 10 pounds, set down on the table in front of you, it’s even as exciting watching it made at the bar; the drink fizzes up like a root beer float when the ice cream is plopped into the massive copper cauldron of vodka and ginger beer.

Topped with lime wedges, mint and a plethora of straws, the drink makes for the perfect cocktail to upload to social media to share with your friends, though it’s better to just give them a straw of their own.

The Mega Moscow Mule costs $185, which may sound steep but with 16-plus drinks, it beats purchasing speciality cocktails for $17 apiece or buying a bottle of Ketel One by itself. Grab some friends and head to PHD Terrace at Dream Midtown before summer ends to enjoy this unique cocktail.