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McDonald's sign | © AP/REX/Shutterstock
McDonald's sign | © AP/REX/Shutterstock
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McDonald's Is New York's Hottest New Music Venue This Summer

Picture of Ryan Kristobak
Music Editor
Updated: 3 May 2017
The perfect date: a quarter pounder with cheese slathered in in mac sauce with a side of fries, tiny ketchup cups abound for unhindered dipping action, listening to live jazz and show tunes while seated in the most coveted booth on a Friday evening at McDonald’s.

This might seem like the phantasmagoric conjuring of a food-music connoisseur gone mad, but beginning May 5, the McDonald’s located in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood kicks off a summer concert series that will undoubtedly rival the city’s most revered venues.

As reported by Food & Wine, the newly-remodeled fast food restaurant’s owner and operator, PJ Fonesca, is teaming up with award-winning pianist and musical director Darius Frowner—his work includes Broadway At The White House, productions of Chicago and A Chorus Line, and collaborations with the likes of Joan Rivers and Whoopi Goldberg—to perform concerts every Friday at 7:30pm. Featuring a different vocalist each night, Frowner’s repertoire is set to include a mix of pop, jazz, soul, and show tunes.

Frowner spoke to New York’s Fox34:

“I’ve been involved in the New York City downtown music scene for 25 years and am lucky enough to collaborate with many outstanding artists,” said pianist Darius Frowner. “I am really excited to be bringing top-quality, fun and interactive entertainment to help kick off the new vision for McDonald’s.”

Now, all we need is some of that Szechuan sauce, Morty.