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Is This Queens Neighborhood New York City's next Hipster Paradise?
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Is This Queens Neighborhood New York City's next Hipster Paradise?

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Updated: 6 September 2017
Bye-bye, Brooklyn: another New York City borough has been tapped as the next ‘it’ area. Its Bushwick-adjacent location may have put Ridgewood, Queens on your radar, but does this ’hood have what it takes to stay there? Read on to discover the city’s next hipster-approved area before it breaks.

In spite of living in a city that never sleeps, New Yorkers spend a lot of time considering where they lay their heads at night. Always on the lookout for the next big trend and better deals, they approach apartment and house-searching like they’re hunting for treasure – and we may have found some now. For years, real estate players and in-the-know New Yorkers have been keeping a watchful eye on one Queens neighborhood. Like a bud beginning to bloom, the decades-old area of Ridgewood, Queens is being rediscovered by New Yorkers, prompting the question: why now?

Ridgewood, Queens l
Ridgewood, Queens l | ©WikiCommons

At first glance, Ridgewood hardly seems like New York’s next Williamsburg or Bushwick: older, working-class residents, characteristic exposed brick construction, and multiple historic and city landmark districts mark a few notable differences. Upon closer inspection, however, you’ll find this under-the-radar area surprisingly familiar. Like its North Brooklyn neighbors, Ridgewood boasts near-unbeatable proximity to the city’s hottest restaurants, bars, and galleries, all made easily accessible by multiple train lines. Moreover, the neighborhood has seen an influx of on-trend businesses, such as local hotspots Lorimoto gallery and Bunker Vietnamese, in recent years.

Trendy cafe l
Trendy cafe l | © Pixabay

Of course, no place can be called a hipster paradise without, well, hipsters. Thanks to its location, Ridgewood has plenty of them. The neighborhood has recently earned the nicknames ‘Quooklyn’ and ‘Ridgewick’ due to its proximity to Bushwick, Brooklyn, with whom it shares a border. In fact, if Ridgewood appears to be an extension of Bushwick, it’s because it is: the area was part of Bushwick, Brooklyn until relocating to Queens in 1979. It should come as no surprise, then, that as the cost-of-living skyrockets in neighboring communities Bushwick and Williamsburg, displaced residents (read: hipsters) are simply setting up shop nearby. Boasting dramatically lower rents than its neighbors, Ridgewood welcomes with open arms Brooklyn’s recently ousted budget-conscious cool kids.

Girl in the city l
Girl in the city l | ©Pixabay

In light of all this information, it’s worth considering a relocation to Ridgewood. Accessible, Brooklyn-adjacent, and above all, affordable, this Queens neighborhood is one trend even the most unique New Yorker will want to get behind. Besides, Bushwick is so 1979 anyway, right?