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SPRIDD collection by © Ikea
SPRIDD collection by © Ikea
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IKEA's Splashy New Collection Inspired by Music, Youth Culture, Mobility

Picture of Amber C. Snider
Home & Design Editor
Updated: 2 April 2017
SPRIDD, a limited edition print-based collection from IKEA inspired by music, mobility, and millennials is set to arrive in U.S. stores in February 2017.
© Ikea
© Ikea

IKEA’s new ‘festival-inspired’ collection was designed with the modern nomad in mind. London-born designer Kit Neale infused the collection with his signature bold patterns and British influence. “[It’s] is very ‘festival-y’ with the tents, duffel bags and flasks, and then there are the boxes for moving away to college or wherever…This is a collection to be moved,” says Neale in a press release.

SPRIDD Collection by © IKEA
SPRIDD Collection by | © IKEA

“Interior is a lot about functionality – in fashion function is the byproduct. So we kept saying to IKEA that if we install the energy and attitude, you guys can take care of the rest,” he continues.

SPRIDD is also part of a collaborative fashion project – a first for IKEA – with new graphic tees designed by Neale available for purchase in February alongside the homewares and furniture. The collection features four different prints “motivated by four distinct music styles,” all inspired by the transient festival lifestyle.

SPRIDD t-shirts © IKEA
SPRIDD t-shirts | © IKEA

The confluence of dramatic color and Pop art on products specifically designed for their transportable utility and functionality (it is IKEA, after all) feels very apropos in our modern culture – not just youth culture. The dizzying spell of design isn’t traditionally chic by any means, but it does command attention, even if it’s only a temporary display.

SPRIDD 'festival-inspired' collection © IKEA
SPRIDD ‘festival-inspired’ collection | © IKEA

“Whether it’s living in a smaller space or moving to new spaces frequently, for these fiercely independent individuals, it’s not about having more – it’s about choosing things to help you make the most out of life,” says Janice Simonsen, IKEA Design Spokesperson.

The design is definitely loud – but just as listening to music is an ephemeral, fleeting experience, this collection isn’t meant to stick around forever. After all, you can’t live permanently in a tent…or can you?