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Taking Back Sunday album covers © Victory/Warner Bros./Hopeless
Taking Back Sunday album covers © Victory/Warner Bros./Hopeless
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How Well Do You Know Taking Back Sunday's Lyrics? Take Our Quiz And Prove It

Picture of Ryan Kristobak
Music Editor
Updated: 16 September 2016
Today, Sept. 16, Taking Back Sunday release their seventh studio album, Tidal Wave. It’s been over 14 years since the band released their debut LP, Tell All Your Friends, and despite a drama-filled rotating door of guitarist/back-up vocalists, TBS has managed to outlast the majority of their peers, reuniting their first-album lineup for three records straight now. Tidal Wave puts to rest the band’s emo roots, delivering the straightforward rock and roll that has been steadily building since John Nolan and Shaun Cooper rejoined the band in 2010.

While it might take some time to calibrate to Tidal Wave‘s sound, one thing that is sure to remain the same is Taking Back Sunday’s penchant for catchy, repeated lyrics — so much so that many of them feel like clichés at this point. Besides his mic-swinging and upside-down-rafter-hanging antics, lead vocalist Adam Lazzara’s lyrics — accompanied by Nolan, Fred Mascherino, or Matt Fazzi — have always been his standout trait, and for fans who entered their teenage years with records like TAYF and Where You Want To Be, there’s at least a 50 percent chance a TBS lyric is tattooed somewhere on their body.

So what better way to prepare for Tidal Wave than by proving your knowledge of the band’s lyrics. Pulling three of the most recognizable, repeated lines from each of Taking Back Sunday’s previous six albums, we’ve rephrased the lyrics into riddles. Your job is to determine the lyric and then pair it with the correct song. It’s time to prove that you are a TBS superfan.