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How To Stay Healthy While Traveling: Tips From Culture Trip Staff
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How To Stay Healthy While Traveling: Tips From Culture Trip Staff

Picture of Esme Benjamin
Wellness Editor
Updated: 17 January 2017
Between questionable street food, debilitating jet lag, general overindulgence (admittedly self-inflicted), and the germ incubator that is economy seating, it’s easy to feel icky and unwell on that trip you’ve been looking forward to. Here, Culture Trip staff give their failsafe tips and tricks for staying healthy while traveling.

Whenever I travel, I swear by probiotics and Emergen-C packets. I boost my vitamin C intake with Emergen-C every morning while on the road; and I try to strengthen my stomach with probiotics in preparation for all the street food I inevitably end up eating while abroad.

Another tip (and this one is a biggie) is before long flights I take two Bayer aspirin tablets and wear compression socks. This is a doctor recommended trick to avoid blood clots (aspirin is a blood thinner) and promote circulation when sitting for prolonged periods of time.

— Nikki Vargas, Travel Editor


A lightweight foldable yoga mat is essential for stretching out after a long flight, or for morning practice when I’m in the mood.

I always bring earplugs and an eye mask for quality snoozing, and never leave without a couple of packs of rehydration mix. They’re great for everything from upset stomach to hangover recovery or days when you get too much sun.

I recently came across BIRD+ANCHOR — a subscription service for self-care products on the go. It delivers all kinds of useful goodies, from herbal tea to hydrating facial mist and calming aromatherapy roll-on oil, all in carry-on sizes.

— Esme Benjamin, Wellness Editor


When flying I drink 8 oz. of water for every hour of my flight. I feel like I read that tip in a health magazine circa 1999, but it stuck. Naturally, I always book the aisle row.

Walking wherever I go when I travel has always worked for me. Not only is walking good cardio, it helps me practice mindfulness — so important if I’m feeling anxious about a travel destination. My former zen teacher taught me the trick to literally tune everything out of my mind (worries, expectations, nervousness about fitting into a new place) and feel the wind on my face, or get lost (not literally) in new architecture, new flora. Walking solo is a ritual that centers me and reminds me of my agency in a world that can seem so vast.

— Jill Di Donato, Fashion Editor

I absolutely swear by ginger tea and ginger pills, and never travel anywhere without them. They’re all-natural so you can side-step the chemicals in over-the-counter medications, not to mention the insane amount of sugar/sweetener present in ginger ale. They’re surprisingly effective in easing discomfort from motion sickness or a general upset stomach from traveling long distances.

— Rachel Gould, Art & Design Editor


When flying, my wife always packs EO Natural hand sanitizer wipes (lavender scent), Airborne tablets (an immunity-boosting vitamin and mineral supplement), and brings snacks for us to eat instead of plane food.

— Graham Fuller, Film Editor


Keep your hands clean and don’t talk to strangers…I’m kidding, but I do swear by the former. I use the hand sanitizer my mother puts in my Christmas stocking each year: the over-scented kind from Bath & Body Works that comes with holders to tie onto your purse.

— Amber Snider, Home & Design Editor


I try to keep to a pretty strict Paleo diet, so no carbs, dairy, and sugars. Nothing processed and mainly natural fruit, veggies and meats. I also try to use the hotel gym at least three times a week.

— Shayne Fergusson, Visual Editor



When traveling, I always take my running kit with me. When you’re working and time to see a city is limited, going for a quick morning run gives you a chance to take in different neighborhoods, clear your head and get that cardio in.

I also take a small bottle of lavender oil with me and spritz it on my pillow. They say it’s meant to relieve stress and help with sleep, which always comes in handy when you’re in a different time zone.

Faye Thomas, Marketing Director


I always pack Echinacea — a herbal remedy that boosts the immune system and can help prevent colds and coughs.

— Chiara Irico, Video Producer


I bring a Jillian Michaels DVD with me. It’s easy to pack and I can just follow along from the hotel room, borrowing a couple of weights from the gym.

— Kristen Cowden, Senior Sales & Partnerships