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If exploring NYC on the weekend, take a taxi
If exploring NYC on the weekend, take a taxi | © Jon Flobrant / Unsplash
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How to Get Around in NYC on the Weekend

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Updated: 17 April 2018
New York City’s subway isn’t exactly reliable any day, but on weekends, you can count on congestion and delays. Between train maintenance (both the scheduled and unscheduled varieties) and the longer wait times, you’re better off skipping the subway come Saturday. To keep your Sunday from feeling like a Monday, here’s how to get around in New York City on the weekend.


In-the-know New Yorkers ride with Juno, the next big ride-share app. Everyone wins with this service, which charges its top-rated drivers 60–65% lower commissions than its competition and offers a 30% discount for a limited time to all new riders. This weekend, choose Juno to spend less money and less time worrying about getting around New York City.

NYC can be a pain to travel around on weekends | © DariuszSankowski / Pixabay


Your favorite ride-share service was made for weekend adventures. For instance, Lyft’s 24/7 Trust & Safety Team makes late-night commuting comfortable, and nine out of 10 rides earn five-star rankings, meaning your good vibes-only zone is safe here. Best of all, Lyft now allows users to schedule rides up to seven days in advance, delivering a sort of dependability you won’t find from the MTA.


Given the rise of more cost-effective ride-share services, the yellow cab has fallen out of favor as the local’s top travel pick. However, no New Yorker is ever immune to the quintessential New York City experience of hailing a taxi and watching the Big Apple go by from its backseat. Its lack of workday traffic makes the weekend an ideal opportunity to splurge on a taxi ride.

Grab a taxi on the weekend | © Free-Photos / Pixabay

Select Bus Services

The subway’s less glamorous little sister shines on the weekends when Select Bus Services’ reliability and premium service is most striking. Take advantage of the nine lines’ off-board fare payment, longer spacing between stops, traffic signal priority, and bus lanes to get to Chelsea Piers, the West Side, and beyond swifter and smarter—people can ride Select Bus Services for the same price of a regular bus ride.

Citi Bike

Sightsee, exercise, and commute in one go with Citi Bike. New York City’s official bike-sharing system is a fun alternative to the subway, and with hundreds of stations around Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens, a more accessible one. Options ranging from day passes to annual memberships ensure that you’ll find your right ride.

See the sights via Citi Bike | © Bev / Pixabay

NYC Ferry by Hornblower

For a commute that doubles as a destination, climb aboard an NYC Ferry. State-of-the-art vessels equipped with wifi, charging stations, and concessions shuttle New Yorkers to Midtown, Rockaway Beach, Lower Manhattan, and beyond via the scenic East River. You won’t believe each waterfront trip is the same price as a subway ride!

Roosevelt Island Tram

The journey via the Roosevelt Island Tram may be the Big Apple’s best-looking commute. For a swipe of your MetroCard, you can whiz 250 feet (76.2 meters) above New York City on this aerial tramway running from Midtown Manhattan to Roosevelt Island. Tip: Take the tram at night and see the city lit up for a budget-friendly view that looks like a million bucks.

© Phil Roeder : Flickr
Roosevelt Island Tram | © Phil Roeder / Flickr