Goat Yoga is Coming to Brooklyn This Spring

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Photo of Esme Benjamin
Wellness Editor16 April 2018

The owners of Gilbertsville Farmhouse in upstate New York hit on internet gold when they came up with goat yoga. Now they’re bringing the class, and a herd of baby goats, to the heart of Brooklyn so more people can access this unique (and Instagram-friendly) wellness concept.

Goat yoga is precisely what it sounds like—the usual meeting of movement and breath, but with the addition of friendly baby goats. The animals, which the farm describe as “animated, curious, intuitive, and gentle” are allowed to roam in between the mats and climb on top of yogis should they feel so inclined.

In the last few years yoga with animals has become somewhat of a trend. Meow Parlor, a cat cafe on the Lower East Side, offers vinyasa with its clowder of rescue kitties, and last year pet food brand Ollie hosted an evening of “doga” for Brooklynites and their pups.

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While not a natural fit for yoga in some ways—cute creatures are not especially conducive to focus and balance—in others it’s actually a perfect pairing. Similarly to yoga, petting animals has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Plus, cooing over baby goats is a great way to bond with your fellow humans.

At the moment this Brooklyn class is just a pop up running April 17 until June 12, and $40 spots are filling up fast. However, you can also take a day trip up to the farm for goat yoga and relaxation time and get the full experience. Classes are held every Sunday at 3 p.m. in a beautiful old barn, and if you like camping you can even stay overnight in one of the site’s luxe tents.

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