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Forest Hills' Top 10 Savory Brunch Spots
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Forest Hills' Top 10 Savory Brunch Spots

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Updated: 12 December 2016
Forest Hills, home of Queens‘ finest eclectic selection of diners, restaurants, and cafés, provides hungry morning eaters with an endless array of breakfast plates from Irish breakfast rolls to classic American diner waffles. We list the best spots to start the day at in this New York neighborhood.
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Jack & Nellie’s

One of Ascan Avenue’s most populated spots, especially during breakfast and brunch time, Jack & Nellie’s doubles as a café specializing in classic American dishes as well as a wine bar. The delectable food selection includes gourmet, freshly made options such as cheeseboards, sliders, small chefs’ plates, vegetable risotto, chacuterie, cauliflower puree, seared salmon, and chicken marsala. On weekends, there is even a live jazz band pumping out catchy tunes, to the delight of passerby and brunch diners who appreciate the art of fine entertainment.

Jack & Nellie’s, 108-25 Ascan Ave, New York, NY, USA, + 1(718) 268-2696

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Red Pipe Café

Catering to vegans’ and vegetarians’ interests, Red Pipe Café offers organic espresso drinks, teas, pastries, sandwiches, juices, and smoothies at relatively inexpensive rates. Combining both healthy options and tempting treats in one menu, Red Pipe Café’s friendly service and stunning, elegant décor have won them a constant flow of customers.

Red Pipe Café, 71-60 Austin St, New York, NY, USA, + 1 (516) 900-7160

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Ovo Sodo

Ovo Sodo, an Italian bistro famous for its saucy thin-crust pizza and creamy pastas, definitely does not fall short on its spectacular breakfast and brunch menu. From fluffy banana pancakes and syrupy Belgian waffles to all kinds of omelets, Ovo Sodo rakes in a crowd starting from 8 a.m. on weekdays and 9 a.m. on weekends.

Ovo Sodo, 110-60 Queens Blvd, New York, NY, USA, + 1 (718) 487-3524

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Banter Irish Bar and Kitchen

Authentic Irish cuisine craftily embedded into all of your favorite breakfast foods? Yes, please! Banter Irish Bar and Kitchen’s breakfast roll, complete with Irish sausage, Irish bacon, black pudding, white pudding, eggs and beans in a baguette with French fries manages to hit the spot with one massive bite. As if the food weren’t enough, Banter allows their diners to sit back and relax in a comfortable, friendly space with glass windows which allow a bustling street view, a full bar and unique interior woodwork décor.

Banter Irish Bar and Kitchen, 108-22 Queens Blvd, New York, NY, USA, + 1 (718) 268-8436

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Austin House Diner Restaurant

Austin House Diner Restaurant serves up the all-American classic breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates starting with breakfast specials offered from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and brunch offered on holidays and weekends from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Austin House Diner Restaurant abandons the unnecessary frills and fancies of fine dining, and instead lends diners a casual, homey atmosphere away from home, to enjoy a peaceful meal with great company.

Austin House Diner Restaurant, 72-04 Austin St, New York, NY, USA, + 1 (718) 544-2276

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Nick’s Bistro

Nick’s Bistro opens their doors when the sun is already shining high in the sky at 11:30 a.m. With a full service bar and authentic Greek cuisine, Nick’s brings the taste of the Mediterranean to Metropolitan Avenue in the form of a snug café showcasing its flavorful burgers, salads, and sandwiches above all.

Nick’s Bistro, 104-20 Metropolitan Ave, New York, NY, USA, + 1 (718) 544-6425

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Forest Hills Diner

Forest Hills Diner appears to have been erected simply to serve each and every one of the breakfast and brunch lovers’ needs and wants. The freshly squeezed grapefruit and orange juice or a hot steaming cup of hot chocolate make the ideal accompaniment to go along with a meaty pastrami omelet, silver dollar griddle cake, stuffed challah bread, or crispy cold salad platter which will leave you pot-bellied and dreaming of your next visit back to the diner.

Forest Hills Diner, 6860 Austin St #3, New York, NY, USA, + 1 (718) 997-7744

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Forest Hills Bagels

Unfailingly serving Forest Hills the freshest bagels, sandwiches, egg salads, and well-brewed coffees for the past three decades, Forest Hills Bagels has rightfully earned its reputation in the neighborhood as being one of the most convenient and delicious breakfast spots.

Forest Hills Bagels, 104-41 Queens Blvd, New York, NY, USA, + 1 (718) 896-2221

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Ripe Juice Bar & Grill

Although named for its enticing blended juices, this casual hole-in-the-wall juice and snack stop offers a selection of gratifying healthy breakfast alternatives to the calorie-ridden doughnuts and pastries we love sneaking into our morning meal. Ripe Juice Bar & Grill’s food is both appetizing and visually appealing. And of course, what better way to wash breakfast down than with one of Ripe Juice Bar & Grill’s delicious juices.

Ripe Juice Bar & Grill, 70-13 Austin St, New York, NY, USA, + 1 (718) 261-2881

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Valle’s Café

Kaiser rolls, hot pita, toasted jumbo bagels, toasted English muffins, Nutella pancakes, and blueberry blintzes are only a few of Valle’s Café’s tasteful, well-prepared breakfast dishes served starting from 6 a.m. Valle’s Monte Cristo, challah bread French toast with white meat turkey, and Swiss cheese and ham, as well as their spinach and feta cheese omelets are only two of many raved-about plates. Seasonal fresh melons and berries blended into juice paired with chocolate chip pancakes will undoubtedly leave you craving second helpings.

Valle’s Café, 100-12 Queens Blvd, New York, NY, USA, + 1 (718) 544-3204