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New York resident Jacqueline Lin takes a play break with a #WhatWillYouBuild model © Amy Sussman/AP Images for The LEGO Group
New York resident Jacqueline Lin takes a play break with a #WhatWillYouBuild model © Amy Sussman/AP Images for The LEGO Group
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Flatiron District Gets a Little, Big LEGO Surprise this Weekend

Picture of Amber C. Snider
Home & Design Editor
Updated: 30 January 2018
New York City’s Flatiron Plaza is getting a visit from one of America’s most beloved architectural toys.
A large LEGO brick, at 10 feet tall and over 1,200 pounds | © Amy Sussman/AP Images for The LEGO Group

Did you know that the Flatiron District is the “original home of the toy industry” in New York? It seems rather fitting then that LEGO would celebrate its upcoming 60th anniversary with a giant homage to the original LEGO brick design in the center of Flatiron Plaza.

The 1200 pound, 10-foot tall toy brick installation took 350 hours for LEGO Master Builders to handcraft at their headquarters in Connecticut before making its way to 23rd Street in Manhattan on January 26. The single “2×4” brick is actually made up of 133,000 individual bricks, and is the classic two studs across four studs long design.

Here’s LEGO’s footage of the 350-hour building process:

The theme for the installation and anniversary is “What Will You Build?,” symbolizing to adult and children New Yorkers alike that anything is possible – even with a single brick.

A young New Yorker stands in front of a LEGO brick model at a temporary installation celebrating the iconic brick’s 60th birthday | © Amy Sussman/AP Images for The LEGO Group

“The LEGO brick changed the way that children build and play, and for 60 years has become a childhood play staple in homes around the world for generations, so we are thrilled to celebrate children’s creativity with a one-of-a-kind model designed to commemorate the occasion,” said senior manager of brand relations for LEGO Systems, Amanda Madore.

What’s perhaps most fascinating about the LEGO brick is not just its versatility, but its timelessness. The fact that children in 2018 are still amazed and explorative with their LEGO sets, even sixty years after their original design, is incredible. And even more: the original brick’s design has changed very little over the years. What other “toy” still holds up in this way today?

A large-scale 10-foot model in New York’s Flatiron Plaza | © Amy Sussman /AP Images for The LEGO Group

In the early days of the LEGO brick design, there were only five colors available: red, yellow, green, blue, and white. Today, there are over 60 colors available, with more than 3,700 different types of LEGO elements in production.

The LEGO Brick installation at Flatiron will be on view only for a few days (until Sunday, January 28th to be exact). So if you find yourself in New York City over the weekend, be sure to make your way to the historic center of Flatiron and get a yourself a timeless photo with the world’s most famous brick.

New York resident Jacqueline Lin takes a play break with a #WhatWillYouBuild model | © Amy Sussman/AP Images for The LEGO Group