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Halo-Halo from Ube Kitchen at Smorgasburg | © Kathryn Maier
Halo-Halo from Ube Kitchen at Smorgasburg | © Kathryn Maier
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Five Amazing Foods You Need to Try at Brooklyn's Smorgasburg This Summer

Picture of Kathryn Maier
NYC Food & Drink Editor
Updated: 7 June 2017
Smorgasburg has launched countless photogenic food trends—think raindrop cakes or ramen burgers. Foodies descend on the gathering of vendors each weekend (in Williamsburg on Saturdays and in Prospect Park on Sundays) to Instagram the newest, tastiest, and most interesting foodstuffs to be found in NYC.

We hit up the weekly food festival to find this year’s best new nibbles and drinks. Here’s what we loved most.

The Perfect B.E.C. from All City Deli & Grocery

Any high-end chef or restaurant critic will tell you that what they most want to eat when they’re off-duty is simple and delicious fare like a good ol’ bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. The chef of All City Deli & Grocery, who’s worked in the kitchens of foodie hotspots Estela, Roberta’s, and Mission Chinese Food, has truly perfected that sandwich and a few other deli classics. The “Perfect B.E.C.”’s toasted poppyseed bun, oozing melted American cheese, fluffy egg, thick slabs of flavorful bacon, and a squirt of hot sauce all combine to form the most absolutely bonkers, delicious B.E.C. we’ve ever tasted.

11-6 Saturdays and Sundays @smorgasburg ✋🏻🍞🤚🏻

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Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches from Dulcinea Churros

Churros, the Spanish and Mexican street-food treat of cruller-like fried dough sticks, here melds with another favorite summer snack to create the perfect mash-up: churro ice cream sandwiches. Dulcinea Churros’ super-crispy freshly made churros enclose various flavors of ice cream—salted caramel and multicolored “unicorn” among them—the contrasting textures creating an intriguing confection.

Fruit juices from John’s Juice

Watermelon juice is delicious. Watermelon juice served in the watermelon is simply awesome. Same for pineapple juice, or orange or grapefruit or even dragonfruit. John’s Juice serves fruits cored and blended to order, and served in their shell or rind, for the ultimate healthful and photogenic pick-me-up.

Coffee from Ministry of Kaapi

One taste of Kaapi and you’ll be thinking that cold brew is so last year. Flavorful yet smooth, packing a rocket fuel-like caffeine punch, this traditional South Indian style of coffee is poised to be the new craveable cup. Ministry of Kaapi serves the brew, made with a two-tiered filter and imported beans, by the cup and in bottles of decoction (coffee concentrate) so you can prepare your own at home.

RAIN or Shine, we got the long pour all day ☔️😎☕️ #smorgasburg #smorg2017 #ministryofkaapi #filterkaapi

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Halo-Halo from Ube Kitchen

Ube Kitchen’s take on halo-halo, a healthy fruit-based frozen dessert from the Philippines, features freshly made ube (purple yam) ice cream, tapioca, granola, and fresh fruit. For an extra buck, you can eat it from the shell of a hollowed-out dragon fruit—because, as John’s Juices (above) prove, everything’s more fun when it’s served in a festive fruit.