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Courtesy of Masha Maltsava
Courtesy of Masha Maltsava
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Dog Yoga Is the Most Brooklyn Workout Imaginable

Picture of Esme Benjamin
Wellness Editor
Updated: 15 August 2017
There are many unusual ways to work up a sweat in New York City, but all of them pale in comparison to ‘doga’—yoga with the participation of adorably overzealous dogs.

To celebrate the launch of its new menu, pet food company Ollie partnered with hip hop yoga studio Y7 to host an evening of vinyasa flow.

Starting Doga in seated meditation
Starting Doga in seated meditation | Courtesy of Masha Maltsava

On the invite list were a motley crew of pups and their healthy-minded humans.

Transport to doga
Transport to doga | Courtesy of Masha Maltsava

The group took a class taught by teachers from Y7—a yoga studio that specializes in smart sequences with a hip hop soundtrack.

‘Doga’ taught by Y7
‘Doga’ taught by Y7 | Courtesy of Masha Maltsava

The doga class was held at North Brooklyn Farms—a farm and events space in the shadow of Williamsburg Bridge.

Warrior one, plus pup
Warrior one, plus pup | Courtesy of Masha Maltsava

As the sun set behind Manhattan’s skyscrapers, the pups enjoyed post-yoga snacks courtesy of Ollie—a pet food company with a menu of human-grade meaty meals for dogs.

Core moves with a Pomeranian
Core moves with a Pomeranian | Courtesy of Masha Maltsava

Devastatingly, doga was a special event, not a regular class. But the good news is that Meow Parlor—a cat cafe on the Lower East Side—now offers cat yoga on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Plus plenty of time for kitty cuddles.

Childs Pose with paws-on assistance
Childs Pose with paws-on assistance | Courtesy of Masha Maltsava