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Courtesy of Dirty Lemon
Courtesy of Dirty Lemon
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Dirty Lemon's Non-Alcoholic Cocktail Bar Opens in Nolita

Picture of Esme Benjamin
Wellness Editor
Updated: 27 October 2017

Coming to an Instagram feed near you…photogenic shots of $10 lemonade-based elixirs. Dirty Lemon, the world’s first text-to-order healthy beverage brand, opened a pop-up bar this week, serving booze-free, mixologist created drinks in downtown Manhattan.

Styled like a ’50s era pharmacy, The Drug Store serves freshly made lemon drinks infused with the latest buzzy wellness ingredients, like activated charcoal (said to bind poisons and toxins, removing them from the body), and shavegrass (which can help strengthen hair and nails thanks to its high silica content).

Courtesy of Dirty Lemon

Pick from five elixirs, including a detox recipe and an antioxidant-filled matcha tea, or two “rarities”: Chocolate CBD, infused with cannabidiol; and Flavor Trip, a Miracle Berry, which miraculously turns sour flavors sweet, followed by a shot of pure lemon juice.

Situated on Elizabeth Street, in a neighborhood with a high density of fitness studios, it’s perfectly positioned to attract the ClassPass crowd for post-sweat refreshments. And given the crazy success of The End Brooklyn’s Unicorn and Mermaid Lattes it’s guaranteed to be the new favorite hangout of wellness influencers, too.

The Drug Store by Dirty Lemon, 232 Elizabeth Street, NY, USA, 10012