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Decoding the Abstract | 'Unlimited Potential' at Lyons Wier Gallery

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Rachel Gould
Art & Design Editor
Updated: 12 December 2015
‘Unlimited Potential’ is how curator James Austin Murray describes each extraordinary work of art showcased in Lyons Wier Gallery’s current exhibition. This vibrant show examines the dialogue between the artist and their artwork, expertly addressing the artistic process as a means of the artist’s search for something of intangible, larger-than-life significance. We take a closer look at one of Chelsea’s best summer 2015 exhibitions.

'Unlimited Potential' Installation View | Image courtesy Lyons Wier Gallery, New York
‘Unlimited Potential’ Installation View | Image courtesy of Lyons Wier Gallery, New York

Lyons Wier’s brilliant mixed media exhibition packs momentous emotion into its small gallery space on 24th street. ‘Unlimited Potential’ showcases the work of sixteen outstanding contemporary artists, each possessing a unique aesthetic yet whose work is brought together in a most harmonious display.

‘Unlimited Potential’ recognizes the internal struggles of being an artist, and celebrates that explosive moment when the artist feels their work is complete. While honoring the final product, ‘Unlimited Potential’ also draws attention to the abstract artist’s place of personal inspiration: the muse; the metaphor; the troubling conundrum; to the solitude of working tirelessly in a studio. As a result, the viewer feels an unusual sense of familiarity with the artist, which subsequently humanizes each piece in the show.

'Unlimited Potential' Installation View | Image courtesy of Lyons Wier Gallery, New York
‘Unlimited Potential’ Installation View | Image courtesy of Lyons Wier Gallery, New York

‘Unlimited Potential’ provides a unique insight into the visual psyche of the artist as a human being. While it unavoidably touches upon the critical discourse surrounding contemporary abstract art, it mainly focuses on the sacred nature of the artistic process, and embraces the courage and confidence required to delve into such a profound form of expression.

Image Courtesy of Mark Zimmermann
Image Courtesy of Mark Zimmermann

Featuring the work of contemporary abstract artists Mark Zimmermann, Chris Arabadjis, Alex Couwenberg, Erika Diehl, Jeanne Heifetz, Jeffrey Cortland Jones, Suzanne Laura Kammin, James Little, Jeff Muhs, James Austin Murray, Helen O’Leary, Duane Paul, Christopher Rico, Gayle Ruskin, Rodger Stevens and Artur Trojanowski, ‘Unlimited Potential’ is a show not to miss this summer.

‘Unlimited Potential’ is on at Lyons Wier Gallery until August 15th.

By Rachel Gould