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Live music | © dotigabrielf / Pixabay
Live music | © dotigabrielf / Pixabay
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The Best Areas for Nightlife in Brooklyn, NYC

Picture of Julia Goicochea
Updated: 27 January 2018
Don’t expect Brooklyn’s status as New York’s “it” area to be revoked anytime soon. With buzzing nightclubs, quirky date spots, and, of course, more than a few hipster haunts, the borough’s lasting popularity is in the bag. Just in time for your next night out, here are the best areas for nightlife in Brooklyn, New York City.
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Not even Brooklynites are too cool for clubbing, a New York nightlife tradition still going strong in Bushwick. At neighborhood spots including House of Yes, Bossa Nova Civic Club, and Trans-Pecos, locals dance to DJ performances, watch live shows, and manage to make even norm-core clubbing quirky.

Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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You knew this one was coming. In recent years, Brooklyn’s Williamsburg has become an epicenter for New York City’s hipster culture. Locales like oldies-screening cinema-bars, dive cocktail spots, and chill rooftop bars make “alternative” living the norm here.

Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Red Hook

Self-described cocktail snobs (it’s Brooklyn—we all know one) should head to Red Hook, home to some of the best critically acclaimed bars in the borough. At Time Out- and Serious Eats-endorsed Botanica, produce-focused drinks blend Caribbean and Mediterranean flavors to delicious effect, while nearby bar Fort Defiance sticks to tradition with potent renditions of gin fizzes and mint juleps.

Red Hook, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Crown Heights

A foodie capital, New York City plays host to countless dining destinations, many of which call Brooklyn’s Crown Heights home. A taste of the world is what’s on the menu here, where Caribbean, Mexican, Indian, and more global cuisines are on offer.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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A special person calls for a special locale. Find your ideal date-night destination in Greenpoint, where amorous outings may entail sharing a couple of ice cream cones (vegan, of course) or sampling one of the city’s most famous slices for yourselves.

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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Park Slope

Park Slope is known for its family-friendly atmosphere, a quality which extends (sort of) to the Brooklyn neighborhood’s nightlife scene. Leave the BabyBjörn back home for this one, Park Slopers: the fun at local bars Union Hall and The Dram Shop (think bocce, pool, shuffleboard, and plenty of drinks) was made with grown-ups in mind.

Park Slope, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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In a city as glitzy as New York, you’ll find many music venues more about being seen than the sound. That’s not the case in Gowanus, a quirky neighborhood known for its performance spaces. Start at the Bell House or Lucky 13 Saloon, and then go where the music (and the night!) takes you.

Gowanus, Brooklyn, NY, USA