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Adventures in Wellness: The Crystal Healing Blow Dry

Picture of Esme Benjamin
Wellness Editor
Updated: 20 August 2018
In a hidden salon, on the second floor of an unremarkable Tribeca building, two hair stylists and long-time friends, Lauren E Hack and Vanessa Ungaro, are taking the classic New York blow dry to another level.

The description “beauty treatment” just doesn’t do justice to the Crystal Cleanse Ritual, which has a holistic quality not generally associated with hair salon services.

Once you’re comfortably settled at the washbasin, Hack incorporates reiki healing and crystal therapy with a thorough, foamy shampoo. It’s a perfect symphony of temperature and texture – cool essential oils, warm hands and smooth crystals – that sends tingles down your spine then induces relaxation so complete it’s almost trance-like.

By the time Ungaro has finished precision-styling your hair, it’s like you’ve experienced a mini-vacation from the city. Both your locks and your aura feel shinier.

“You can’t always fix things by changing the outside,” explains Hack. “We believe in transformative services, and combining beauty and wellness just brings forward a vitality and radiance in everyone.”

Adventures in Wellness explores the interesting people and out-there experiences of New York City’s wellness scene, providing a closer look at what really makes us feel good and why.