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POPiN adds classes to its app
POPiN adds classes to its app | © bruce mars | Pexels
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Get Access to NYC's Most Affordable Fitness Classes, With POPiN App

Picture of Esme Benjamin
Wellness Editor
Updated: 21 March 2018
In a city where exercise classes will set you back upwards of $30 each, one smart fitness app is providing a far cheaper solution.

When POPiN launched last year, it gave New Yorkers and visitors alike a convenient and more affordable way to keep fit. The app partnered with gyms all over the city who, instead of a steep monthly membership fee, agreed to charge guests on a pay-as-you-go basis.

App users can drop into whichever participating gym happens to be in their vicinity—whether that’s close to home, office, or an appointment elsewhere—and pay only for the time used. What’s more, these gyms happen to be seriously luxe, with high-end amenities including rooftop pools, steam rooms, sports courts, boxing rings, and state of the art equipment.

But what if, in all honesty, you’re not great at rallying yourself to workout solo and prefer the camaraderie and accountability of a class? Well, POPiN’s latest feature allows you to join scheduled classes at its partner gyms, so you get the benefits of a trainer-led session without the usual cost.

Pay hourly for fitness classes with POPiN | © Bruce Mars / Pexels

While a class at boutique boxing studio Rumble will set you back $34, boxing at Green Fitness is only $8.40 with POPiN. Soulcycle charges $34 for a single ride, but spin at CompleteBody works out at $9.60 for an hour-long class. And if you’re used to paying $20-30 for yoga, $12 lessons at Elite Body Gym will seem like a bargain. Of course you’ll have to factor in shower time, as the meter doesn’t stop running until you scan the app at reception on your way out.

With this update, POPiN becomes even more useful for health-conscious visitors who want to maintain their regular exercise regimen while they’re in New York, fitting sweat sessions around sightseeing and sampling the best (and most calorific) foods the city has to offer.