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Girls | © Charles Dyer / Flickr
Girls | © Charles Dyer / Flickr
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A Tour of HBO's "Girls'" Filming Locations

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Updated: 10 April 2017
When Girls debuted in 2012, there wasn’t much to know about it except that it was rumored to be the Sex and the City for the next generation. Once Girls became a staple amongst millennial women, it was clear that the show didn’t have much in common with its predecessor, aside from its geographical location: New York City. Girls has personified and glorified the city much the same way that Sex and the City did, which is a beautiful notion: that a city can have that much of a presence that writers and filmmakers are implored to create a character out of the city itself. With the show ending in just a few short weeks (tear), Culture Trip is taking you on a tour of all the real New York City locations that Hannah Horvath and her gaggle of pals patronized.
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Café Grumpy

Café Grumpy is an actual coffee shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn where Ray first worked and hired Hannah, Marnie, Elijah and any other aimless friend of his with no job. Café Grumpy then became null and void when Ray decided to open his own shop (which is actually Speedy Romeo in Clinton Hill). You can visit this location along with a few others that have popped up in Manhattan.

Café Grumpy, 193 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA, +1 718 349 7623

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Speedy Romeo

Speedy Romeo is a delicious pizza restaurant tucked away in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn but was transformed into Ray’s coffee shop, once he went off on his own. It’s a great restaurant to visit and enjoy dinner or brunch, but they won’t exactly be serving coffee with the same sass and dry humor that Ray would.

Speedy Romeo, 376 Classon Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA, +1 718 230 0061

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Tom and Jerry’s

Tom and Jerry’s is an East Village dive-type bar that is the place where Jessa somewhat recklessly walks into during the first season—and attempts to have intercourse in the restroom…only to discover something else about herself. It’s a very real bar that many East Village locals enjoy, so if you find yourself in the neighborhood, go in for a drink or two.

Tom and Jerry’s, 288 Elizabeth St, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 260 5045

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The High Line

During the first season, Marnie finds herself ensconced in the Manhattan art scene and romantically entangled with a known artist. After an art show, they meander to one of the High Line entry points in the Meatpacking District and have an intense and somewhat sexual exchange on the stairs. Many people walk up those stairs each day to visit the High Line and take in the views. Take a stroll and even get a picture in the same spot Marnie stood.

The High Line, Gansevoort Street to West 30th Street (bet. Tenth and 11th Avenues), New York, NY, USA, +1 212 500 6035

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Crif Dogs

In the fifth season, Hannah finds herself unemployed and out of love with Fran (and Adam). As she’s aimlessly walking around Williamsburg, Brooklyn, she runs into one-time frenemy, Tally, and they decide to embark on a day o’ fun together because as Hannah puts it, “she’s free until Thanksgiving break” (which is presumably a few months away). One of the stops on their Now and Then-type hang is Crif Dogs in Williamsburg, a known hot dog spot that serves dogs with unusual toppings. (Try the bagel hot dog!) It’s a perfect place to enjoy some delicious hot dogs, and there is an East Village location as well.

Crif Dogs, 555 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA, +1 718 302 3200

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The Jane Hotel

Speaking of Tally, we first met her at her book signing party at the very real and very cool spot, The Jane Hotel in the West Village. This hotel is a great place to see some celebrities and enjoy a drink in a club/lounge environment.

The Jane Hotel, 113 Jane St, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 924 6700

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In a scene that could have been lifted from How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Hannah is feeling high as a kite after receiving her first paycheck from her corporate job. As she’s strutting down the streets of Soho, she eyes a dress in the window at fashion boutique INTERMIX; cut to the next scene, and she’s walking down the same street in said dress. That INTERMIX does exist, and it is an expensive place to shop, so if you have that corporate paycheck padding (or want to give your credit card a run for its money), take a little gander through Soho to find it.

INTERMIX, 98 Prince St, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 966 5303

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Jane’s Carousel

In a more recent scene from the sixth season, we follow Ray and Abigail, Shoshanna’s old boss, on a very perfect and very romantic day in Brooklyn. Aimlessly wandering, they eat ice cream, drink wine, chat with locals and eventually they find themselves at the famed and gorgeous Jane’s Carousel in Brooklyn. We’re left to think that Ray may have finally found his match. Try having an adorable kiss on the Carousel like Ray and Abigail do.

Jane’s Carousel, Dock St, Brooklyn, NY, USA