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A Lush Floating Park is Coming to This Iconic American City

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 23 March 2017
Sure there’s Central Park and Prospect Park, but neither come close to this stunning floating Eden that’s about to loop round the rivers of Manhattan.

Created by innovative company Swale, who launched the fab floating forest last June, the sailing park will allow visitors to discover the pros of sustainable living while being able to grab, eat and ‘gram fresh—and free—produce, with absolutely no dirty work involved.

The floating park in 2016 | © Swale
The floating park in 2016 | © Swale

Since it set up shop, the park has flourished with all sorts of perennial plants: herbs, fruit trees, asparagus and Swiss chard. All bloomed on the 80-foot long barge by using filtered H20 from New York Harbor. This year’s floater, created in collaboration with Strongbow, features a super-cool apple orchard and jardin oasis.

Want to go? The park is due to set sail on the waters surrounding Manhattan next month through to fall.

Swale will be docking at public piers from April through October.

Happy picking.

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