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A Design Lover's Gift Guide For A Zen Holiday

A Design Lover's Gift Guide For A Zen Holiday

Picture of Amber C. Snider
Home & Design Editor
Updated: 16 November 2016
Build your own zen-den with these cozy, artisanal gift ideas for design lovers. Whether they’re for you or a friend, these homewares are sure to appease that hygge spirit and make your home warm and inviting throughout the cold winter months. From crystal-infused mugs to handmade gourd amplifiers, you’re sure to find something on our list to nourish the spirit and calm the mind.

Hand-Selected Succulents

Succulents are perfect holiday centerpieces and make an excellent gift for anyone interested in mindful design. This DIY kit comes with nine small succulents and one medium succulent for the center plant, all for under $30.

Hand-selected succulents from Etsy

Hand-selected succulents from Etsy

Culture Trip recommends this DIY Dish Garden from Etsy.


Gourd Amplifier For Your Smart Device

Handmade in the United States by artisans Paul and Sue Bergstrom, this gourd amplifier transforms a mainstream tech piece into a vibrant work of art. Inspired by Kalimbas, a type of thumb piano that originated in Africa, the couple decided to create a musical gourd for the tech era. It comes with cables for either your musical instrument (keyboard, guitar, etc.) or your phone/MP3 player. Perfect for the music lover in your life who appreciates handmade gifts right from nature.

Gourd Amplifier from Uncommon Goods

Gourd Amplifier from Uncommon Goods

Maybe more organic objects, like gourds, will become the next wave in music players? Culture Trip recommends this Gourd Amplifier from UncommonGoods

Make Waves Yarn Bowl

A tangled ball of yarn can easily turn the relaxing task of knitting or crocheting into an annoyance. Luckily, artisan Patricia Bridges saw the niche and filled it with her handmade stoneware yarn bowls. “It’s important to me that what I make gets used in everyday life, and that each pot speaks to its new owner with every use,” she says. Each bowl contains a keyhole slit to keep the yarn raveling neatly.

Make Waves Yarn Bowl by artisan Patricia Bridges.

Make Waves Yarn Bowl by artisan Patricia Bridges.

Culture Trip recommends this handmade Make Waves Yarn Bowl by artisan Patricia Bridges.

Agate Bookends

This trendy item makes a colorful statement in the home, balancing both your books and your spiritual energy. Agates are semi-precious stones formed from micro-crystal quartz deposits in rocks, so each color variation differs from the next. Metaphysically speaking, agate is said to promote good will, pleasant dreams, and enhance creativity.

Each bookend pair has unique coloring, so it’s sure to fit in with your loved one’s décor.

Culture Trip recommends these Brazilian Agate Bookends from Amazon.

Crystal-Infused “Healing” Mugs

Made in New Hampshire, these hand-thrown mugs are infused with minerals during the firing process and coated with non-toxic, lustrous glazes. The makers say that the mugs “can be rubbed gently to focus your mind and lift your mood as you enjoy a soothing cup of tea or your morning coffee.” The blue mug contains the healing power of Clear Quartz, the red mug contains protective Tiger’s Eye, the purple mug contains Rose Quartz (good for the heart chakra!), and the deep brown contains prosperity-drawing Citrine.

Healing Stone Mugs


Culture Trip recommends these Healing Stone Mugs from UncommonGoods, by artisans Donna and Randall Rollins. 


Llama Wool Throw With Leather Carrier

Every comfort seeker knows the warmth and softness of llama wool. This throw is made from 65 percent Argentine llama wool and 35 percent Merino wool, and comes with a genuine Argentine leather carrier. Rustic and artisanal, this luxurious throw is perfect to snuggle under while sipping egg nog and watching the Yuletide log in the fireplace.

Llama Wool Throw with Leather Carrier from

Llama Wool Throw with Leather Carrier from


Culture Trip recommends this Llama Wool Throw with Leather Carrier from


Himalayan Salt Candle Holders

It seems everyone has the LED version of Himalayan salt lamps, but these are candle holders, so no need to plug into anything except your inner voice and spirit. Himalayan salt has been long revered as a healing substance, and is known to purify the air, increase energy levels, and aid in a better night’s sleep.

Culture Trip recommends these Himalayan candle holders from Amazon.