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A 'Breaking Bad' Bar is Coming to New York City This Summer

Picture of Luke Abrahams
Social Content Editor
Updated: 23 May 2017
You may have noticed a few months back that we visited an awesome Breaking Bad bar in London, well guess what, New Yorkers? You can now visit it too!

First it was London, then it was Paris and now the ultimate Breaking Bad cocktail experience is coming to New York this summer.

The cool bar, dubbed ABQ (short for Albuquerque, where the hit show was set) is serving up the finest methy cocktails in, guess what(!) an authentic RV, just like in the series.


The fabulous cocktail experience can hold up to 30 cooks, who, after receiving their welcome cocktail (yes, it’s free), grab a manual with oodles of instructions on how to start cooking their cocktails up.


Once inside, you’ll be able to channel your inner Jesse and Heisenberg, cook, laugh and have fun – and yes, you’ve got to suit up too.

So, ‘what can I have?’, you ask. Well, there are two methy techniques you’ll be trying out to create your cocktails: ‘Saul’s C2H6O’, a semi-frozen mixer made with dry ice; and ‘Blue Flynn’, a rum-based boozy mash up, which, impressively changes colour depending on its acidity. SPOILER – it’s very citrusy.


Expected to open its doors sometime in July, ABQ NY is expected to open their doors for a few short months, starting in July. But you better be quick, over 1,000 people have already registered their interest in the event, and if it’s anything like the London version, there will be a very, very hefty waiting list.

Get cooking!

Ticket prices start from $45–$49 and include two hours and three cocktails inside the RV. Tickets can be booked here!