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8 Reasons You Should Attend The Capsule Fashion Show
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8 Reasons You Should Attend The Capsule Fashion Show

Picture of Dani Kowalczyk
Updated: 12 December 2015
Ten times a year in three different cities, for men and women and for all seasons, Capsule trade show transpires. Beginning with Vegas and going to New York and Paris, a curated collective of artisans both small and relatively big combine their efforts and present what is to be expected as the next on-trend, in-tune, and creatively transformative pieces for the approaching season. Still can’t think of why you should go? We’ve got eight reasons for why you should.

Both domestic and international representations of design and creations right in your own backyard

If you live in New York or are just visiting it’s easy to be overwhelmed with the various shops, boutiques, pop-ups, and featurettes. Bypass the touring crowds by seeing “shops” of all kinds from outerwear, to jewelry, to hats, to bags, to swimwear all in one place. No matter your aesthetic, there is something for everyone from all over the world at Capsule. Even better, you are likely to meet the brains behind it all and have a chat.


Capsule holds hundreds of artisans and the people who own, work with, or run the local shops. What better opportunity to meet directly in a communal space than at a showroom where the representative wants to talk and connect? They see this as an opportunity as much as you do. No matter if you’re looking to pull pieces for press or stock your own inventory Capsule allows you the space to have that conversation. Don’t forget your business cards.

Shopping in Addis | © SarahTz/Flickr
Shopping in Addis | © SarahTz/Flickr

Supporting Small(er) Businesses

Supporting small businesses not only provides you with a uniquely tailored piece but also the opportunity for genuine support. You can trust that the product you are purchasing was hand-made and honestly sourced.

With so many different representations of swimwear, outerwear, and accessories in concentrated space, it makes comparing selections so much easier. Especially as a buyer, you can get your hands dirty and see what materials you prefer for a particular design over another, and it is where you can truly see “what’s out there.”

Picking out clothes | © keepingtime_ca/Flickr
Picking out clothes | © keepingtime_ca/Flickr

You Can Ask Questions

Love a sweater but hate the color? Wonder why there isn’t any interior lining to your leather bag? At Capsule you have the chance to ask these questions, make requests or get a better understanding of what the designer had in mind.


If you’re a photographer or stylist this is the perfect place to shop around looks for a shoot, event, or client. Whether it be for the current season or upcoming collaborations, this is the best place to pull entire looks and request product. Most booths come equipped with printed line sheets, making it easy for reference and requests.

Trend Forecasting

This is the perfect setting to compare product but also pick up on similar styles, color schemes, material, or looks. Depending on your objective, this could be great for forecasting what trends will be popular or what trends you would like to avoid.

Free Stuff

Don’t be coy. We’ve all gone to gallery openings, previews, signings, and parties for free. Enjoy an ice cold sip, snack, or cool mag for free at Capsule…there was even a free show at the Vegas Capsule featuring The Weeknd!