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The Brooklyn Thrift Shops You Should Know
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The Brooklyn Thrift Shops You Should Know

Picture of Dani Kowalczyk
Updated: 6 January 2017
Skipping the overpriced cost and going to the source, thrifting and refurbishing has become a big trend. Here, we explore eight of Brooklyn‘s best thrift shops.
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Beacon’s Closet

With much less fluff or frill, Beacon’s Closet has been a long-standing staple for New Yorkers and Brooklynites alike. Embodying the most genuine idea of a thrift shop, Beacon’s Closet also buys, sells, and trades for vintage and modern clothing (and is also open seven days a week). We’ve all been offered way too little for something we love a little too much, and Beacon’s Closet also offers a higher percentage than most. So, if you’re wanting the most bang for your buck in both ways, then head over to any one of Beacon’s Closet locations.

Beacon’s Closet, 23 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 417 5683

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Buffalo Exchange

Things couldn’t get any simpler than Buffalo Exchange when it comes to recycling fashion. One can literally bring gently-worn clothing they no longer want for cash or credit towards a new piece to take home. Buffalo Exchange strives to offer what is in season and in trend. Even though items are ‘pre-owned,’ one is likely to find new pieces with the tag still attached. This particular location in Brooklyn, in the heart of Williamsburg, is a solid stop for any fashionista on a budget.

Buffalo Exchange, 504 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 384 6901

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Monk Vintage Thrift Shop is located in the heart of Brooklyn, with all the sass and class you’d expect. Described as a ‘curated stash of vintage threads and shoes,’ any shopper would enjoy their alternative options, including: wide retro frames, hats, suitcases, and all the little details that matter in fashion. There isn’t an accessory missing. From Christmas Sweaters to a wall full of flannel, Monk’s seasonal options range from designer to dad jeans. Before you check out, do some jewelry shopping along the register line. Look for stackable pieces and chunky rings, or maybe a wicker woven bag to pair with your winter ensemble…it all goes.

Monk Vintage Thrift Shop, 496 Driggs Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 384 6665

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Malin Landaeus

Malin Landaeus has been spotted on numerous fashion magazines (including the likes of the reputable New York magazine) as one to watch for. The highly curated, uber-chic vintage collection makes anyone shopping feel a little more regal. Women’s-wear only, but certainly not limited in variety, there are hats along the walls, which in turn are lined with shoes from an era when leatherwork was treated as a craft. The prices correspond to the unique finds that are likely best saved for more special occasions. Gowns, dresses, blazers and bolos can be both worn in costume or for cocktail hour, but be prepared to drop a few hundred.

Malin Landaeus, 157 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 646 361 0261

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10 Ft Single By Stella Dallas

Looking for racks of print dresses, tops, pants, bags? 10 Ft Single By Stella Dallas has you covered. A ‘modest’ offering of men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, and more, all packed in this small Brooklyn brownstone.

10 Ft Single By Stella Dallas, 285 North 6th Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 486 9482

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The dutifully decorated, simple space that is Horizons offers not only an aesthetically enjoyable shopping trip, but also a very carefully picked selection of vintage pieces. Chunky knits, 70s-era disco pants and bell bottoms (in the creamiest of silk material) are at your disposal. Color palettes play their part, and the shop unifies both old and new with the offer to pair the pieces you selected with modern jewelry that easily suits anyone. In what could be considered the post-modern era of curation, Horizons has some of the best vintage collection in town.

Horizons, 381 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 347 616 4099

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Since 2004, this south-side Williamsburg staple has grown to become an idolized vintage haven for tourists and locals. Rabbit offers an expansive selection of designers, from Chanel to stone-washed denim jackets, sourcing pieces from the reaches of Japan and Europe. Looking for a cheetah-print fur coat? Need a zebra-print windbreaker? Or maybe the Scandinavians have been your influence lately and you need a few clogs or Abba-inspired looks? Rabbits has you covered.

Rabbits, 120 Havemeyer Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 384 2181

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No Relation Vintage

Not quite in Brooklyn, but not really in Manhattan, lies this little 1st Avenue abode that has some of the best vintage digs in New York. No Relation Vintage is a clean, organized solution to your thrift shopping needs. The price points are also a drool-worthy draw for many. It truly speaks to the vintage title, but with affordable pricing (think $5.00 skirts to $15.00 jackets), which makes it easier to indulge in more than a few great pieces. Open seven days a week from noon to eight, and accepts credit cards. I don’t think it gets much simpler than that.

No Relation Vintage, 204 1st Avenue, New York, NY, USA +1 212 228 5201