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New York City Startups To Look Out For
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New York City Startups To Look Out For

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Updated: 14 December 2016
Over the past several years, New York City has transformed into a haven for startups, with access to angel investors, networking events, and shared office space readily available for enterprising entrepreneurs looking to make their mark on the digital landscape. New York City has always had the infrastructure, but investors outside of Silicon Valley have recently become more interested in startups that create consumer products and lifestyle applications, a perfect storm for technological innovation that reaches beyond the basic framework of the internet.
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While there is plenty of office space in New York, the rooftops of office buildings are not often utilized for any discernible purpose. Edenworks hopes to change that by creating sustainable rooftop greenhouses using state of the art aquaponic biotechnology to create homegrown food productions for selling and distribution. Edenworks has been operating on top of a Brooklyn metalworking shop for the past year and has plans to expand into Queens in the near future.

Edenworks, 236 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, USA +1 718 521 5289


Rents in New York City are notoriously expensive, but RentHackr is an online service that allows prospective renters to connect directly with rooms in buildings, circumventing the market process of going through a realtor. By managing crowdsourced data and allowing individuals to find better apartments where they would ideally want to live, RentHackr improves the renting process that has prevented young people from moving to New York City.


While skilled nursing facilities are on the rise, replacing traditional and often maligned nursing homes, Hometeam personalizes the experience of caring for elderly relatives. Each new client is assigned a Care Advisor, a Care Coordinator, a Registered Nurse, and a Caregiver, all of whom work together to manage and sustain individual healthcare needs. Hometeam also hires caregivers for particular clients and acts as a facilitator between those who need healthcare help and those who provide it.

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Someone needed to house the influx of startups that have been coming to New York City. WeWork has taken it upon itself to rent office space throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn, catering to the startup culture with an array of benefits that include on-site community managers, weekly networking events, and discounts throughout the city. Since its founding in 2010, WeWork has expanded to Austin, Amsterdam, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Miami, and more, investing in fostering community in both the physical and digital space.

WeWork, 115 West 18th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY, USA + 1 877 594 7916


While Tinder and other dating apps have created a ‘dating apocalypse,’ particularly in places populated with young people, Hinge aims to offer a more personalized dating experience, facilitating the ‘friend of a friend’ meetings that we often hope happens to those of us unlucky in love. The app offers a daily curated list of potential suitors recommended from friends and from the app itself, allowing users to feel like they met at the social function of a mutual friend rather than virtually.


When young people want to order food from a restaurant online, they typically look to GrubHub or Seamless. Although ChowNow has a similar name, its function is entirely different. Instead of appealing directly to customers online, ChowNow helps small restaurant businesses brand themselves online, creating everything from custom ordering to marketing campaign development, strengthening the direct relationship between customers and restaurants.

+ 1 888 707 2469


For those who don’t have children, pets can be like surrogate sons or daughters, receiving the $10 million treatment from their owners. PetFlow seeks to further facilitate that relationship between owner and pet, and allows customers to sign up for auto-delivery of their pet’s food to their home, offering a customized experience that helps pet owners pick out the perfect treats for health, wellness, and enjoyment. This takes away the need for lugging heavy supplies from the pet store and also helps pet owners give recommendations to each other on the best for their pets.

+ 1 888 316 7297