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Fashion | © Pexels
Fashion | © Pexels
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NYC-Based Fashion Bloggers You Should Know in 2016

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Updated: 3 March 2017
New Yorkers are some of the most fashionable people around and it’s the bloggers and Instagrammers that are currently catching attention. There are countless fashion bloggers out there to inspire you, so here’s our list to get you started.

Charlotte Groeneveld/@TheFashionGuitar

Charlotte has come to NYC via The Netherlands and London, is a mother of two, and is dedicated to maintaining what she calls ‘the real factor’ in her blog, The Fashion Guitar. For Charlotte, this means only partnering with brands she truly loves – never doing it just for the money. Her style is effortless and casual, but always with some sort of twist, and she can usually be seen with trainers on her feet and a designer bag in her hand.

Andrea Maria/@DearMilano

In a city that’s known for having residents dressed in black, Andrea Maria’s blog and Instagram, both called Dear Milano, are bursting with color. She’s originally from Mexico and is now based in NYC, and her style effortlessly fuses the two places and cultures – blending smart, sophisticated looks with splashes of playfulness. Her blog posts are often written in Spanish, but you don’t need to understand the language to see that she’s someone worth your attention.

new ✨ 📸 : @iamgabrielagum #dearmilano

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Michaela Babuskova/@FIGTNY

FIGTNY is an acronym for f*** it…going to New York, a blog name that’s sure to pull you in. Michaela’s style is minimalist and monochromatic, and everything she wears looks comfortable enough to sleep in (in the most chic possible way, of course). Follow FIGTNY for a daily dose of inspiration on how to look impossibly and effortlessly cool.

Knots, Tassels & Ties… ➰ #allblackeverything #details #chloegirls #celine #figtny

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Krystal Bick/@Krystal_Bick

Krystal Bick lives in the West Village with her corgi, Elvis, and her blog – This Time Tomorrow (named after the Kinks song) – shows off her upbeat style. Her look is pretty and feminine, so if you’re tired of super edgy looks that only seem to work in the high fashion world, Krystal’s blog may be just what you need.

Here comes trouble! See the rest of my day with @nymag and @thecut on TTT today!

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Karen Blanchard/@Karenbritchick

Karen comes to NYC via London, and her fashion blog, Where Did U Get That, seeks to answer the question that she herself wanted to know when she moved to NYC: Where did you get that?!? Karen’s site is a bit different from other fashion blogs – she’s more interested in documenting street style in New York than she is in writing about her own style. She photographs people on the street whose style catches her eye, and then asks them: ‘Where did you get that?’ To see what Karen herself wears, you’ll have to check out her Instagram.

Erika Fox/@RetroFlame

Originally from Ireland, Erika Fox has worked in fashion in NYC for years. Her long red hair is unmistakable, but her classic feminine style showcased on Retro Flame is becoming just as recognizable. She’s an example of how determination and risk-taking pay off – she spent her college summers working in NYC and then later moved on to pursue her dreams. At only 24, she’s already made a name for herself and is someone to keep an eye out for.

"Be that girl who decided to just go for it." #retroflameNYC #mondaymonday

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Leo Chan/@LevitateStyle

For the guys out there, Leo hails from Hong Kong, moving to NYC when he was ten years old. Leo says the looks he shows on Levitate Style reflect an ‘urban/modern’ take on NYC. He mixes casual looks with upscale suits, and since his blog emphasizes travel, he makes sure each look is suitable for an on-the-go lifestyle.