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Military Age Males | © Tomas van Houtryve/Courtesy of Anastasia Photo
Military Age Males | © Tomas van Houtryve/Courtesy of Anastasia Photo
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7 Art Shows Opening On Manhattan's Lower East Side October 2016

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Updated: 14 September 2016
In the past decade or so, the Lower East Side has become a hot spot for art galleries. Museums have opened up including the New Museum and the International Center of Photography Museum, and now, hundreds of small, independent galleries reside here. It’s a newer, younger, more rebellious art scene, and many of the galleries are showing emerging artists with unique perspectives. There’s tons of art to explore, so here’s a list of some of the exhibitions to check out during the month of October.
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Persons of Interest – Causey Contemporary

From October 6th through November 6th, Causey Contemporary will show Persons of Interest, an exhibition of portraits of women by Carri Skoczek. The show will consist of different varieties of paintings – Skoczek paints on paper, on panel, and uses her fingers and eyeshadow brushes instead of a paintbrush. Her work is about female strength and sexuality, and she attempts to fuse these two traits that are often described as being opposites.

Causey Contemporary, 29 Orchard St, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 966 2520

Skoczeks piece "Alice In Wonderland" | © Causey Contemporary

Skoczeks piece ‘Alice In Wonderland’ | © Causey Contemporary

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BINIBON – WhiteBox

WhiteBox – known for showing interactive and performance art – will show BINIBON from October 9th through October 16th. BINIBON is a historical musical theater performance based on the murder of Richard Adan in 1981. As the story goes, Richard Adan was a waiter at the East Village café Binibon, and his murderer, Jack Henry Abbot, was a regular patron. The murder was known as a critical point in the history and culture of the neighborhood.

WhiteBox, 329 Broome St #1, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 714 2347

Project Binibon | © WhiteBox

Project Binibon | © WhiteBox

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Blue Sky Days – Anastasia Photo

Anastasia Photo specializes in documentary photography and photojournalism, and from October 4th through November 23rd, they will present Tomas van Houtryve’s work in an exhibition titled Blue Sky Days. The exhibit shows drone photography that bridges the gap between fine art and photojournalism, asking viewers to rethink their definitions of those words. Van Houtryve created his work while traveling across the United States photographing, via drone, events that have often been the object of drone attacks abroad, and the images are both beautiful and haunting.

Anastasia Photo, 143 Ludlow Street, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 677 9725

Military Age Males | © Tomas van Houtryve / Courtesy of Anastasia Photo

Military Age Males | © Tomas van Houtryve/Courtesy of Anastasia Photo

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Despina Stokou – Derek Eller Gallery

The Derek Eller Gallery will show work by Greek artist Despina Stokou in a solo exhibition from October 14th through November 12th. The gallery moved to the Lower East Side about a year ago after 20 years in Chelsea, proving again how this neighborhood is becoming a hot spot for art. Despina Stokou is one of the artists represented by the gallery and has shown work before. Known for being fearless, her work is often about female expression and uses graphics and words to make her point even more boldly.

Derek Eller Gallery, 300 Broome Street, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 206 6411

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Scale A Wall – Cuevas Tilleard

From October 14th through November 13th, Cuevas Tilleard Projects will show Scale A Wall – a group show curated by Town Hall Meeting. Town Hall Meeting was founded in 2008 by Dina Shaulov-Wright and Chris Stiegler, and its aim is to talk about art both seriously and playfully. For this show, they’ve brought together the works of five artists that address the concept of scale through painting.

Cuevas Tilleard, 142 Henry St, New York, NY, USA, +1 917 868 1225

Les Rogers "Born Upside Down", 2016 | © Les Rogers courtesy of Cuevas Tilleard

Les Rogers ‘Born Upside Down,’ 2016 | © Les Rogers/Courtesy of Cuevas Tilleard

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Thin, Dark Crash (how I dread that blue jay) – Pierogi Gallery

From October 16th to November 13th, Pierogi Gallery will show work by John O’Connor in an exhibition titled Thin, Dark Crash (how I dread that blue jay). The artist is known for his experimental drawings in which he aims to make the invisible visible. His work is often left to chance, and the process of creating the work is essential, so he often shows parts of the process along with the final image when exhibiting his work.

John O'Connor "Last Week" 2016 | © John O'Connor & Pierogi Gallery

John O’Connor ‘Last Week,’ 2016 | © John O’Connor & Pierogi Gallery

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C.J. Chueca – Y Gallery

Starting on October 16th, Y Gallery will show a solo exhibition for artist C.J. Chueca. The artist, born and raised in Peru and Mexico, addresses the concept of walls and how they function in our lives. She creates walls out of plywood and plaster, and the two sides of the wall might tell very different stories. One side may appear damaged while the other may look pristine. Some of her walls appear fragile while some are stoic. In short, she uses the symbol of a wall to discuss the many complexities of life.

Y Gallery, 319 Grand Street, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 228 3897

CJ Chueca "Gone Fox" | © CJ Chueca courtesy of Y Gallery

CJ Chueca ‘Gone Fox | © CJ Chueca/Courtesy of Y Gallery