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Reasons Not To Skip The New York Coffee Festival Next Year
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Reasons Not To Skip The New York Coffee Festival Next Year

Picture of Emma Hoffman
Updated: 30 November 2016
Do you love coffee? Are you maybe a little bit of a coffee snob? Do you live at your local coffee shop? Then you need to attend the New York Coffee Festival next year.

The Largest Coffee House

With the live coffee house music, the coffee house art and the location, the 69th Regiment Armory was transformed into one huge coffee house. The old, scuffed wooden floors and the tall, lofty, industrial ceilings made the large space seem homey and comfortable, which seemed impossible in such a big space. There was also a seating area in the middle of it all with couches and red seats with coffee tables and orchids all surrounded by twinkling lights. Each booth had its own coffee house ambiance — complete with vintage coffee carts, ornate displays of boutique bottles and flowers, and streamlined black everything. The Armory really served as the perfect place to drink copious amounts of coffee.

The Food

The food was not the star here; coffee was the star as it should have been. However, the food was pretty good too. Vendors like Dough, Nuchas, and Bluestone Lane provided food that went so well with the coffee. Avocado toast and donuts really are the perfect complements to coffee.

The Barista Competition

Throughout the whole weekend, baristas from across the country competed to become the Coffee Master. The competitors went through four rounds, and in each round, they were given six different cups of coffee to taste, and then the cups were scrambled. The competitors then put the coffee back in order. After international coffee masters checked the order, the baristas then brewed a pot of their favorite coffee chosen from the original six. Throughout the competition, international masters from London, Prague, and Portland commented on the barista’s skill level and technique. It was the like an ESPN commentary but for coffee ordering and making. The festival also had a Lab Room, where coffee experts taught seminars on how to brew better coffee, so one day you too may be in the barista competition.

The Coffee

There was a lot of coffee. A lot. Not too much coffee because there is no such thing, but there was a lot of coffee from a lot of different places. There were more than 70 innovative coffee-related exhibitors like the Starbucks Reserve, La Colombe, Steampunk, and Joe’s Coffee and many more. The New York Coffee Festival is perfect for the coffee aficionado who wants to learn about the perfect machine or taste the subtle differences available in each stand. Exhibitors brought their best and newest stuff. La Colombe was serving their draft latte, which is cold brew with frothed milk pulled from a tap. It tastes and has the texture of a latte, only cold. Brooklyn Cold Brew brought some pumpkin cold brew that revolutionizes the pumpkin spice latte in a good way. Sweetleaf Coffee also made some wonderful cold brew creations. In other words, all the coffee was top notch.

More Coffee, Tea, etc.

Forget soy milk or almond milk, the next new nut milk to put in your coffee is milk from macadamia nuts, or milkadamia. Also, Counter Culture had a mixed coffee drink with espresso, spiced simple syrup, lime juice, and seltzer shaken with ice that was so yummy that seconds were a must. The New York Coffee Festival was a steal for all the fancy coffee samples available, and it’s a small price to pay for staying up to date on all the newest coffee trends.

69th Regiment Armory, 68 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY, USA, +1 646 424 5500