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Yoga | © Pexels
Yoga | © Pexels
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The Latest Wellness Trends In New York City

Picture of Dana deLaski
Updated: 19 April 2017
If you’re in NYC and tired of your standard health and wellness routine, give one of these new trends a try to stay healthy and happy.

Drinking Matcha

The matcha craze may not be NYC’s newest health craze, but it’s certainly still one of its most popular. Places like Matchabar brought matcha to the scene; places like Chalait made it trendy, and now, places like Cha Cha Matcha have reminded us that it’s even more popular than ever. So while we’ve been hearing for some time now that matcha has tons of antioxidants and is good for us in more ways than we can imagine, it doesn’t look like the matcha madness will end anytime soon.

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Cooking Simple, Whole Foods

It’s always been a stereotype that New Yorkers don’t cook, and honestly, it’s not far from the truth. But lately, as we’ve all become more health conscious, it seems that more and more New Yorkers are valuing simple, home cooking. Companies like Plated and Blue Apron that deliver ingredients and recipes to your door have changed the cooking game in New York (they’ve allowed New Yorkers to cook without sacrificing convenience), and dozens more meal delivery services like Picnic, Diced, Munchery, Provenance Meals, and so many others have taken off since. New York has always been a city that loves delivery, and now people are getting healthy, wholesome ingredients to cook delivered right to their door.

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Bowls for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner

Go to any new, causal eatery in New York, and chances are there will be a ‘bowl’ or two on their menu. Often it’s a ‘grain bowl,’ consisting of a whole grain like quinoa or farro topped with seasonal veggies and a protein, but this is only the beginning. It seems that so many of NYC’s trendiest foods come in bowl form, and so many of NYC’s trendiest restaurants specialize in ‘bowls.’ Whether it’s an acai bowl from Two Hands Cafe, a poke bowl from Chikarashi, an egg bowl from Egg Shop, or a nourishing bowl of Indian flavors at Inday, it seems that if it comes in a bowl, chances are it’s a healthy, well-rounded meal. The ‘bowl’ is a vessel that allows a combination of ingredients and flavors to blend together in one dish – so it’s easy to get your carbs, veggies, and protein all in one place.

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Group Meditation

Meditating has always been a way to clear your head and feel focused, but never until recently was it a social event. Now, things like The Big Quiet have come onto the scene, bringing ‘massive meditations for modern people’ to New York City. Most recently, The Big Quiet hosted a mass meditation in Central Park in July, but surely they’ll be hosting another event soon. Meditation has become more mainstream across the board, and places like MNDFL in the East Village are making meditation accessible and easy to try. At MNDFL, you can drop in for a variety of meditation classes and see which one works for you.

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Sound Bath Meditation

For those already experienced in traditional forms of mediation and are looking to try something new, sound bath meditation is gaining popularity in NYC. It comes from the Japanese tradition of shinrin-yoku, meaning ‘forest bathing,’ and the idea is to immerse yourself in some environment, for shinrin-yoku, the environment is nature. Sound bath meditation is a similarly immersive experience, but you’re surrounded by chimes, gongs, and other sounds that you’re meant to focus on to keep you present. Maha Rose Center in Brooklyn is one studio that offers the practice, and those who have tried it are convinced of its power.

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