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This Brooklyn Event is 'Bringing Sexy Back' to New York City
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This Brooklyn Event is 'Bringing Sexy Back' to New York City

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US Editorial Team Lead
Updated: 15 September 2017
Organizers of the 3rd Annual Sex Expo say they’re “bringing sexy back” to New York City. No topic is off limits and healthy sex lives are the goal.

“It’s a crash course in understanding modern sexual relationships from the many illustrious sexperts that participate with engaging workshops on a wide variety of topics,” says event organizer Ariana Rodriguez. “Popular returning topics will include oral sex how-tos, BDSM tips, and advice on how to arrange a threesome, among many others.”

Sex education is important. Many Americans don’t receive proper information on sexual health past their high school health and sex ed classes. And even those classes didn’t cover the full breadth of human sexuality.

The Sex Expo is an open environment where world-renowned experts—or sexperts, if you will—descend upon the super trendy Greenpoint neighborhood in Brooklyn to discuss sexual health, intimacy, and romance. The event includes product launches and demos, as well as workshops designed for the sexually curious. Registration for the event is free online for adults over the age of 18.

“The Sex Expo’s been in New York since 2015 and each year the turnout has gotten bigger and bigger,” Rodriguez tells Culture Trip. “Our goal was to create an event that not only served New York’s bustling sex-positive community but also welcomed complete newbies.”

The workshops are aptly named based on their subject matter. From “How to Make Vanilla Sex Hotter” to “Erotica Writing 101” to “Sex After 50—Yes, Yes, Yes,” the speakers hope to educate and empower attendees with the necessary information to make their sex lives better. Sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko will serve as event emcee and will also be hosting a workshop about “Negotiating Successful Threesomes”. Mihalko says he’s excited to host and have much-needed, free flowing conversations with attendees.

“I can’t get enough of talking to people about sex and relationships, and being Sex Expo New York’s man-on-the-street emcee is the perfect excuse,” Mihalko said in a statement.

The Sex Expo will take place September 24-25th. You can register here.