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Snowy New York | © Nick_H / Pixabay
Snowy New York | © Nick_H / Pixabay

20 Incredible Pictures of New York in the Snow

Picture of Julia Goicochea
Updated: 22 January 2018

While every local will tell you that winters in New York are hard, not many will admit that they’re also breathtaking, sometimes literally. In honor of this week’s bomb cyclone (meteorologists’ term, not ours), here are 20 incredible pictures of New York in the snow.

Central Park Mall

Sometimes, going out in a blizzard is the only way to get any alone time in New York City, as seen at this deserted Central Park landmark.

Central and the city

When blanketed in snow, the city jumps on top of winter fashion’s monochrome trend.

The city that sometimes sleeps

New York may be the city that never sleeps, but even it can’t resist a cat nap during a blizzard.

City in the snow

On second thought, no amount of snow is enough to clear Midtown Manhattan.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

A snowy day in Midtown Manhattan | © EarthScape ImageGraphy / Shutterstock

Brooklyn Bridge

Walking this popular attraction has never looked so good (or so tourist-free)!

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Brooklyn Bridge after a snowfall | © DeShaun Craddock / Shutterstock

New Yorker on the move

With a little snow, every New York minute becomes a movie-worthy moment.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Winter in New York | © MISHELLA / Shutterstock

New York City subway

Who needs a reindeer-drawn sleigh when you have the New York City subway?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

A subway entrance in winter | © Roman Tiraspolsky / Shutterstock

The Charging Bull

Even our statues are snow pros, as demonstrated by Wall Street’s famed (and frosty!) Charging Bull.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

A cold Charging Bull | © MISHELLA / Shutterstock

Statue of Liberty

Like any New Yorker, Lady Liberty isn’t bothered by bad weather.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

The Statue of Liberty in winter | © Remi Deleplanque / Shutterstock

A romantic stroll in the snow

Take the season off, Cupid. New York City is the ultimate wingman in any weather.

Snowed-in taxicabs

The on-the-go local lifestyle is more stop than go in the snow.

Commuting in the snow

Living in a pedestrian city comes with its (three to six inches worth of) challenges.

Rockefeller Center

A “straight from a snow globe” scene at Rockefeller Center.

Winter activities in Central Park

For New Yorkers, dealing with extreme weather is just another mountain to climb—and enthusiastically sled down.

Snowy residential street

A tranquil scene you’d never want to leave—a good thing since your car is likely snowed in.

Frosty photoshoot in Times Square

Winter tourists need not fear: excellent photo ops are always in season in New York.

Not even a cyclone can keep New Yorkers from obsessing over their outfits

Local Eva Chen, formerly of Teen Vogue and Lucky and current director of fashion partnerships at Instagram, illustrates this point.

As if a #bombcyclone could stop me from posting an #ootd 💪🏼

A post shared by Eva Chen (@evachen212) on

City shutterbugs face the frost for the perfect snowy shot

Thanks. The rest of us wouldn’t give this weather the time of day.

Lonely road

An absence of bumper-to-bumper traffic in New York is incredible indeed.

New Yorkers

Like every winter before it, we’ll get through this one together, New York.