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©Harold Navarro/Flickr
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11 Reasons Summer in Brooklyn Beats Summer in Manhattan

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Fashion Editor
Updated: 23 June 2017
For those who can stand the heat, New York offers an exciting and culturally intriguing backdrop for summer shenanigans. In true New York fashion, people tend to get competitive about which neighborhood provides the most fun: Manhattan or Brooklyn.

Sure other New York boroughs offer luscious summer spoils, but the Manhattan/Brooklyn rivalry has a hit a fever pitch. And the better borough is… Brooklyn. Here are 11 reasons why.

© Anne Li

1.) You can experience more nature

Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, Brooklyn Bridge Park and the Brighton Beach Piers at Coney Island, plus treelined streets with flowers growing aplenty, give Brooklynites plenty of places to enjoy nature in the big city. Manhattan may have Central Park; but who wants to deal with the crowds? And does Manhattan have a park dedicated to a Beastie Boy? I think not.

2.) You can join a healthful food movement

Gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO strawberry shortcake. Check. From hippie food co-ops founded in the ’60s to open air markets, and the birthplace of Smorgasborg, to farmer’s markets and actual farms, Brooklyn’s the borough for healthful eating.

3.) You can enjoy Manhattan views

DUMBO, Downtown Brooklyn, Brooklyn Heights, and Williamsburg all offer spectacular views of the city. You won’t find one skyscraper in Brooklyn, so your view is unencumbered.

4.) You’re more likely to be creative

From the ’70s through the early 2000s, artists flocked to Brooklyn for cheaper studio spaces. And although rent has since spiked, enough visionaries dropped anchor in Brooklyn to make it a more conducive space for creativity than Manhattan. Without Wall Street, Midtown, or Times Square, Brooklyn has a less corporate vibe, and offers people breathing room to let their freak flags fly.

5.) You’re in the middle of a tech hub

DUMBO is one of tech’s epicenter’s with major companies, including Etsy’s headquarters and Gothamist setting up shop because of the cheap commercial real estate. You’ll also find cutting edge co-working and incubator spaces, including the renowned DUMBO Startup Lab.

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6.) You’re closer to the beach

Hipsters may love the Rockaways (there’s even a Buskwick express bus that offers riders discounts on food and drinks from some of the best snacks the Rockaways has to offer) but beach lovers won’t be disappointed by Jacob Riis or Cedar Grove Beach, which are quite stunning considering you’re in New York City. Plumb Beach offers rafting and kayaking and visitors to Dead Horse Bay can enjoy beach hiking and scavenging.

7.) You’re more likely to live at a slower pace

Maybe it’s because there’s more wide open space. Maybe it’s because you have more access to nature. Maybe it’s because you’re less likely to bump into a corporate financier strolling Brooklyn’s streets. Whatever the reason, Brooklyn’s got hustle, but bustle, not so much.

8.) You’re more likely to have a garden

An enclave of flower enthusiasts, Brooklyn brownstones offer residents more outdoor space, like actual backyards. In Manhattan, gardens are usually reserved for only the wealthy. Brooklyn is more democratic when it comes to gardens.

9.) You can ride a bike or skateboard without fearing for your life

From the bowl at KCDC to Skate Brooklyn to the Rockaway Skatepark, Brooklyn provides skaters epic places to shred. But biking and skating in Brooklyn’s streets is also safer than in Manhattan due to less traffic and wily driving.

10.) You can inhabit stunning architecture

Carriage houses, brownstones, artist lofts, and Arts and Crafts homes make Brooklyn’s inhabitable architecture covetable. Though you can’t scoop up property at dirt cheap prices any more, Brooklyn homes are more affordable than those in Manhattan, and offer spectacular 19th century craftsmanship.

11.) You don’t need to be V.I.P. to party like a rockstar

Amanda Suarez/Culture Trip
Amanda Suarez/Culture Trip

In Brooklyn’s party scene anything goes, unlike nightlife in Manhattan, known for its exclusive velvet ropes and impenetrable guest lists.