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How To Experience Burning Man Culture In NYC All Year Round
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How To Experience Burning Man Culture In NYC All Year Round

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Updated: 7 January 2017
Whether or not you went to Burning Man this year and are suffering from post-burn depression, Black Rock City’s 10 principles are guidelines that we can all embrace and live by in New York City. There is magic to create, art to be found and people to meet if you know where to look. We offer ten ways to experience BRC culture for those 51 weeks of the year spent outside of the desert.

Wake Up Before The Sun Does

If there is one thing that New York and Black Rock City have in common, it is that neither of them have a good reputation with sleep. In a place where time is relative and there is an endless amount of things to see and do, take in the silence of the empty 4am streets before the hustle begins.

Hop On Your Bike

Public transport has its pros and cons, but nothing compares to the views you get coasting down city streets on your bike. Whether you’re using the ever-convenient Citibikes or you have your own, take the time to slow down and stay above ground just long enough to notice the new bodega down the street or the handsome barista at the café next door.

Grab Some Food At A Street Fair

Summer may be on its way out, but changing weather doesn’t stop burners from getting out into the streets. Fall in New York can sometimes feel as drastic as the temperature highs and lows in the Nevada desert, but there is still time to roam street fairs for seasonal artisanal goodies.

Hit The Playa

What is Burning Man without the dust? Embrace the playa — get your toes sandy and your hair knotted at Rockaway Beach. When the weather cools down and the summer shacks are closed, you’ll feel right at home on this boardwalk as it filters the crowds through the seasons.

Interact With Art

The art at Burning Man is one of the most important facets of the culture. Think of the radical, the absurd and the magical all rising out of the dust. Riding your bike out deep into the desert, you may stumble across a giant-sized dinner table or a fire-throwing octopus. You don’t have to go too far in New York City to find something just as incredible. On the DUMBO waterfront, large-scale installations engage the curious and incite the creative.

Climb Something

If it’s drilled into the ground, climb it. Whether it’s a piece of art, a sound system, or a car, everything is climbable in Black Rock City. Embrace your inner child and hop onto the monkey bars at your local park or swing from The Cliffs in Long Island City. There’s something incredibly freeing about momentarily being off the ground.

Listen To Music Outdoors

Much of Burning Man is sensory. Sound is one of the deepest senses because of the vibrational power it has over your body. Experience sound surrounded by nature, fresh air and good friends in the last few sessions of Summerstage and you will hear a completely different kind of music.

Go On An Adventure

Sometimes, you need to get out of your immediate surroundings in order to appreciate them. Hop on a Metro-North train and head to the Taconic Region where you will find numerous hiking trails for every level. Bring your friends along and pack some snacks and water. Take in the views and return to your beloved New York refreshed and recharged.

Watch The Sunset

Some Burners will say a day is only as beautiful as its sunset. Watch the colors turn as they carry you through the full spectrum into the darkness of the night. Head over to the Hudson, sit on the benches of the park, and take in the slow setting of the sun.

Attend A Costume Party

Nighttime does not mean that the day is over. Numerous Burning Man camps throw fundraising parties in NYC and across the region over the year in order to raise money for their camps and gifts on the playa. Get onto the New York Regional mailing list and be in the loop about all upcoming parties and events.