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Library books | © CCAC North Library/Flickr
Library books | © CCAC North Library/Flickr

10 Upcoming Bookstore Events In NYC

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Updated: 17 May 2016
Always have your nose in a book? It’s time to go beyond the pages and delve into New York City’s many bookstore-based events. From poetry readings to book sales and more, these ten upcoming and ongoing events will get you out on the town, without ever leaving the literary world you love so much.

Get Your Poetry Fix At Berl’s

If poetry lies at the heart of your literary passions, then Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop is a must-visit. As the only all-poetry bookstore in New York City, Berl’s hosts regular poetry readings by poets from all over the city and all over the world, with a proud mission to celebrate art, creativity, and literary performance. Hailing from all walks of life, each poet featured has a unique story to tell and will turn your evening into one of moving spoken word and stirred emotions. Be sure to check out their full schedule of upcoming poetry events.

Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop, 126A Front Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA + 1 347 687 2375

Poetry | © Jameson Fink/Flickr

Poetry | © Jameson Fink/Flickr

Solve A Mystery At The Mysterious Bookshop

Drawn to those reads that keep you guessing? The Mysterious Bookshop wants to keep you on the edge of your seat. Offering an ongoing schedule of talks by masters of this thrilling literary genre, The Mysterious Bookshop is one of the oldest specialty bookshops in America, and it’s the perfect place to pick up classic favorites like Sherlock Holmes, as well as new releases.

The Mysterious Bookshop, 58 Warren Street, New York, NY, USA + 1 212 587 1011

Stretch Your Body And Your Mind At Bluestockings

For a meditative escape that goes beyond the pages of your favorite book, Bluestockings hosts Kundalini yoga sessions every Tuesday from 9:30 to 10:45am. Everyone is welcome and no previous yoga experience is required; simply bring a mat, blanket, or shawl, and work on developing a new form of awareness, consciousness, strength, and flexibility. Dedicated to challenging oppression and supporting equality, health, and happiness, Bluestockings also hosts regular feminist book clubs, book launches, mixers, and other progressive events. For more information and details on upcoming events, look through their calendar.

Bluestockings, 172 Allen Street, New York, NY, USA +1 212 777 6028

meditation | © Spirit-Fire/Flickr

meditation | © Spirit-Fire/Flickr

Get Artsy At Printed Matter

Perhaps your love for art is as strong as your love of reading? Printed Matter is a non-profit organization that serves as one of the world’s largest public resources for artist’s books, exhibitions, book launches and signings, and more.  The current exhibition titled WALLPAPER & BEYOND: (The) Evolution of An Artist, or, A.I.P. (Artist in Progress) will be on display through June 11th, showcasing printed works by the underground filmmaker, photographer, writer, editor, and publisher known as Mr. 8mm. Find a full schedule of Printed Matter’s current and upcoming exhibitions and events here.

Printed Matter, 231 11th Avenue, New York, NY, USA + 1 212 925 0325

Travel The World At Idlewild Books

For the New Yorkers with an incurable wanderlust, Idlewild Books stocks its shelves with a vast collection of guidebooks, travel-related fiction, and photography books.  If immersing yourself in the pages of a travel book is still not enough, Idlewild also hosts a selection of eight-week language courses taught by native French, Spanish, German, and Italian-speakers. Classes are held once a week for 90 minutes at night and 75 minutes during the day in Manhattan, and 90 minutes during the day in Brooklyn. Pricing ranges from $240-$295 depending on the program, and the courses are held at both locations in Manhattan and Cobble Hill.

Idlewild Books, 12 West 19th Street #2, New York, NY, USA + 1 212 414 8888

Globe | © Riley Kaminer/Flickr

Globe | © Riley Kaminer/Flickr

Celebrate Shakespeare At The Drama Bookshop

In a pleasant little bookshop sparsely dotted with vintage furniture (including a row of old theater seats), are shelves upon shelves of books related to stage and screen. The Drama Bookshop houses a unique collection of literature and hosts regular, drama-related events, with Shakespeare as an ongoing theme. With the 400th anniversary of the Bard’s death upon us, this season promises a plethora of Shakespearean events, from book signings and author talks to interactive performances.

The Drama Bookshop, 250 West 40th Street #1, New York, NY, USA + 1 212 944 0595

Make Your Way Through 18 Miles Of Books At The Strand

As far as events go, The Strand pretty much has it all. Most special events are hosted in the Rare Books Room, where guests are surrounded by copies of signed and leather-bound classics. From author talks to book signings, readings, and more, The Strand offers a full schedule of events for literary lovers of all kinds, and with 18 miles of books for sale, there should be more than enough to keep even the keenest reader occupied.

The Strand, 828 Broadway, New York, NY, USA + 1 212 473 1452

nyc books at the strand | © Katina Rogers/Flickr

nyc books at the strand | © Katina Rogers/Flickr

Celebrate Literature With BookCourt

Established as an independent bookstore in 1981, BookCourt hosts regular events. Nearly every evening, a book signing, reading, discussion, or launch party takes place, so take your pick and get in on the action. From fiction and nonfiction to interactive events for children, all audiences are represented on BookCourt’s extensive calendar.

BookCourt, 163 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA + 1 718 875 3677

Shop ‘Til You Drop At Greenlight Bookstore

Like all aforementioned NYC bookstores, Greenlight Bookstore also hosts signings, readings, parties, story time for kids, mixers for adults, and so much more. From author spotlights to events celebrating publishing and literary anniversaries, Greenlight boasts a full calendar. Catch their sidewalk sales as the weather warms up, and come early to snag great discounts on your favorite shelf-worn classics in need of a good home. You never know what treasures may turn up — a new beach read, a companion for a long plane ride, a collectable to add to your library, or something to deck out your coffee table.

Greenlight Bookstore, 686 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA + 1 718 246 0200

book sale loot | © Ginny/Flickr

book sale loot | © Ginny/Flickr

Slam A Story

One of NYC’s most beloved bookstores, Housing Works hosts it all; from story times and children’s sing-alongs to book sales, showcases, readings, and launch parties, you can’t go wrong with an event at this venue. Perhaps one of their best-known and most attended events is The Moth, where ten people are drawn from a lot to tell a 5-minute story related to the theme of the event. At the end, three judges will choose a winner. Tickets are $10 and can purchased online only. This event always sells out in advance and seating is limited, so get there early if you want a good spot. This summer will also see comedy shows and open air street fairs, so be sure to check their calendar for a full list of upcoming events.

Housing Works, 126 Crosby Street, New York, NY, USA + 1 212 334 3324


By Alana Jajko