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Fearless Girl Statue by Kristen Visbal | © Anthony Quintano / Flickr
Fearless Girl Statue by Kristen Visbal | © Anthony Quintano / Flickr
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10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Manhattan’s Financial District

Picture of Julia Goicochea
Updated: 24 August 2017
Rich in history, entertainment, and—oh, right—money, Manhattan’s Financial District is anything but dull. While the area is more known for its industry than its amusements, FiDi delivers an unforgettable visitor experience, complete with New York City icons, a buzzing environment, and complimentary cultural institutions. Here are 10 reasons to visit the neighborhood today.

Lock eyes with Lady Liberty

Tourists and locals alike choose Manhattan’s Financial District as their go-to site for people-watching, and the world-renowned Statue of Liberty is no exception. Lady Liberty herself watches over the area and is visible from FiDi’s Battery Park and the Staten Island Ferry, which departs from it. For a complimentary glimpse of this global icon, sightseers should feel free to visit the Financial District.

Staten Island Ferry
Staten Island Ferry | © Shaun Merritt / Flickr

It’s home to lesser-known museums

Thanks to FiDi, it’s no longer necessary to brave the uptown tourist crowds in order to enjoy culture in New York. Lesser-known (but just as noteworthy) museums, including the National Museum of the American Indian, the Museum of American Finance, and the Museum of Jewish Heritage–A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, all call the area home.

It’s home to several pieces of America’s history…

Home to more historical icons than any other Manhattan neighborhood, the Financial District deserves a spot on any history buff’s bucket list. From the 19th-century Trinity Church to the 1766-founded St. Paul’s Chapel and Cemetery to the colonial-era relic (and one-time haunt of U.S. president John Adams) Fraunces Tavern, the area is a veritable maze of memories.

Image courtesy of Fraunces Tavern Museum
Image courtesy of Fraunces Tavern Museum | Courtesy of Fraunces Tavern Museum

…And a symbol of its future

Bruised but not broken, New York City continues to recover from the attacks which took place on September 11, 2001. Assuming the place once occupied by Manhattan’s Twin Towers, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum honors the thousands of people killed in the 2001 and 1993 events. The tribute, which comprises twin 30-foot (9.1-meter) waterfalls, a multimedia collection of artifacts, and more, symbolizes America’s resilience and represents its future as much as its past.

14th anniversary rose, mage courtesy of 9/11 Museum, credit Ben Hider
14th anniversary rose, mage courtesy of 9/11 Museum, credit Ben Hider | 14th anniversary rose, image courtesy of 9/11 Museum, photo credit: Ben Hider

Waterfront entertainment

One tourist attraction even locals can’t resist is South Street Seaport. At this historic destination, you’ll find everything from name-brand stores and a luxury movie theater to old-fashioned ice cream shops. However, it’s the seaport’s free-of-charge features, including stellar views of the Brooklyn Bridge and the East River, that come most recommended.

Witness iconic New York City landmarks

Meandering around Manhattan, you’re sure to encounter plenty of familiar façades and faces. The city’s Financial District is no exception: visit this area for up-close views of icons including the Brooklyn Bridge and the Charging Bull statue.

Stone Street Historic District

Eat your way around the world without ever leaving the city (or the neighborhood, for that matter) at South Street Historic District. Foodies flock to this popular cobblestone stretch to enjoy global fare with a local flair. One of the city’s best-kept secrets, the street mainly attracts FiDi residents, workers, and in-the-know visitors, all of whom can be spotted savoring Scandinavian, Italian, and German cuisines.

Experience Manhattan as you’ve only seen it in movies

While it’s true that New Yorkers are a busy bunch, day-to-day life here isn’t as harried as our on-screen counterparts make it seem—usually. Still, you can always count on FiDi for a familiarly frenzied Manhattan experience. Home to Wall Street, The New York Stock Exchange, and several top tourist attractions, the area’s bustling environment is everything you would hope New York to be.

See skyscrapers

Sure, you can spot skyscrapers just about anywhere in New York City, but people can observe many of the best neck-bending buildings in the Financial District. With structures such as One World Trade Center, Four World Trade Center, and the historic Woolworth Building, clocking in at a combined 3,546 feet (1,081 meters), things are looking up in the neighborhood.

It’s one of the city’s most accessible areas

Wherever your starting point, there’s a good chance you can access FiDi from where you are. A whopping 13 train lines service the neighborhood, meaning popular destinations, such as Grand Central Station, and outer boroughs, including Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, are all just one metro card swipe away. Oh, the places you’ll go!