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Merlin James "Non-Titled", 2006 | © Merlin James/Courtesy of Sikkema Jenkins and Co., New York
Merlin James "Non-Titled", 2006 | © Merlin James/Courtesy of Sikkema Jenkins and Co., New York

10 NYC Gallery Exhibitions To See This October

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Updated: 5 October 2016
There’s so much art to see in New York City that it can feel overwhelming. From the giant museums to tiny galleries you stumble upon, you never know what you may find. If you’re looking for classic works, modern art, or something new and experimental, there’s something of interest for every art lover in New York. The art scene is always thriving and changing in the city, so here is a list of some of the gallery exhibitions worth checking out this October.

Naked Revolt – Anna Zorina Gallery

October 6th – November 12th

This October, the Anna Zorina Gallery in Chelsea will present a solo exhibition of Nadine Faraj. The show will exhibit her latest collection of watercolor paintings title Naked Revolt, in which she paints naked women from around the world who are protesting against various subjects. She paints specific women from different activist groups, and while their causes are different, they all use nudity as their tool.

Anna Zorina Gallery, 533 W 23rd St, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 243 2100

"In Gay We Trust" by Nadine Faraj | © Nadine Faraj, courtesy of Anna Zorina Gallery, New York City

‘In Gay We Trust’ by Nadine Faraj | © Nadine Faraj/Courtesy of Anna Zorina Gallery, New York City

Urban Works Of Art: New Photographs – Bernarducci Meisel Gallery

October 6th – October 19th

The Urban Works Of Art: New Photographs exhibit at Bernarducci Meisel Gallery will showcase photographs by Tjalf Sparnaay. The images will depict urban spaces from The Netherlands, where Sparnaay is from, and this will be his first photography show in the United States. Some of his pieces are more abstract while others are more representational, but they all depict the intersection between art and the urban landscape.

Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, 37 W 57th St #3, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 593 3757

Cosmic Connections – TOTAH Gallery

October 6th – December 8th

TOTAH Gallery on the Lower East Side will present Cosmic Connections this October, a group show addressing themes of the human relationship between the universe and the cosmos. Many of the works are about the origins of our universe, what exists beyond, and what connects us to our pasts and futures. Overall, the works lean towards a dreamlike, mystical quality that’s sure to make the whole exhibition feel like an otherworldly experience.

TOTAH Gallery, 183 Stanton St, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 582 6111


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TELEVISION – 99 Cent Plus Gallery

October 7th – December 18th

99 Cent Plus is a gallery and studio space in Bushwick, Brooklyn known for showing emerging artists with experimental visions. This October, the gallery will present a group exhibition called TELEVISION. The show will focus on the ability of the stationary object – the television – to bring people together and transport them to another space and time. TELEVISION asks questions about viewing and being viewed, and all of the works will be in black and white.

99 Cent Plus Gallery, 238 Wilson Ave, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Paintings For Persons – Sikkema Jenkins and Co

October 13th – November 12th

Sikkema Jenkins & Co, a notable Chelsea gallery, will show Paintings for Persons, a solo exhibition of artist Merlin James’s paintings. The show will highlight works from across his career, emphasizing those that were dedicated to certain people. A topic not often addressed, it’s sure to shed light on the unique relationships between artists, their dedicatees, and the general audience.

Sikkema Jenkins & Co, 530 W 22nd Street, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 929 2262

Merlin James "Non-Titled", 2006 | © Merlin James courtesy of Sikkema Jenkins and Co., New York

Merlin James ‘Non-Titled,’ 2006 | © Merlin James/Courtesy of Sikkema Jenkins and Co., New York

Positive Pathways – Mitchell-Innes And Nash

October 13th – November 26th

Positive Pathways (+) at Mitchell-Innes & Nash in Chelsea is coming this October to present work from the artist collective GCC. GCC is a group of eight artists from various regions of the Arabian Gulf, and it’s the only collective of its kind. This show focuses on the rise of health and wellness trends in the Middle East and will include a variety of mediums from wall sculptures to videos. Despite different mediums, each work addresses how new lifestyle trends are changing the culture of the region.

Mitchell-Innes & Nash, 534 W 26th Street, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 744 7400

Installation view of “Positive Pathways (+),” 2016. © GCC. Courtesy of GCC; Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin; Project Native Informant, London; Mitchell-Innes & Nash, NY. Photo: Timo Ohler

Installation view of ‘Positive Pathways (+),’ 2016. © GCC. Courtesy of GCC; Kraupa-Tuskany Zeidler, Berlin; Project Native Informant, London; Mitchell-Innes & Nash, NY. Photo: Timo Ohler

Ghostism – OSMOS Address

October 14th – December 4th

OSMOS Address presents the work of Polish artist Honza Zamojski in Ghostism, which explores what the artist calls ‘the nonsensical nuances of reality.’ The exhibition will consist of photographs of magnetic objects and will include other mediums as well. The magnetic structures represent architecture, the human form, reaching upward yet being bound, and many other concepts that express the artist’s vision.

OSMOS Address, 50 E 1st St, New York, NY, USA, +1 646 559 5347

Thin, Dark Crash (how I dread that blue jay) – Pierogi Gallery

October 16th – November 13th

Pierogi Gallery will show new and experimental work by John O’Connor in an exhibition titled Thin, Dark Crash (how I dread that blue jay). O’Connor has been praised for his use of non-traditional techniques and his fearlessness in attempting a seemingly impossible task – to make the invisible visible. His drawings often use chance and free association, and O’Connor considers this process of creating just as important as the finished product. Because of this, he often shows parts of the process along with the final image when exhibiting his work.

John O'Connor "Last Week" 2016 | © John O'Connor & Pierogi Gallery

John O’Connor ‘Last Week’ 2016 | © John O’Connor & Pierogi Gallery

C.J. Chueca – Y Gallery

October 16th – November 14th

Lower East Side gallery Y Gallery will exhibit work by contemporary artist C.J. Chueca this fall. In this show, the artist, born and raised in Peru and Mexico, addresses the concept of walls. She makes walls out of plywood and plaster, and then uses the two sides to tell different stories. Each side of each wall is unique – one side may appear damaged while the other may look pristine, for example, highlighting how walls can divide, separate, and bring together. Overall, she uses the symbol of a wall to discuss the many complexities of life, and the results are stunning.

Y Gallery, 319 Grand Street, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 228 3897

CJ Chueca "Gone Fox" | © CJ Chueca courtesy of Y Gallery

C.J. Chueca ‘Gone Fox’ | © C.J. Chueca/Courtesy of Y Gallery

Valid From Until – Brooklyn Art Gallery

October 21st – November 18th

Valid From Until at Brooklyn Art Gallery is a solo exhibition of Jesse Chun’s work – a visual artist from Seoul, New York, Toronto, and Hong Kong who uses her travels as inspiration. Her work is often about the sense of belonging we feel or don’t feel through travel and migration. She uses multilingual documents from her own migrations to create abstract poems that address these themes, and she uses photography and digital art to complement them.