10 Gorgeous Views Of The Brooklyn Bridge

Photo of Taylor Haacke
24 April 2017

The Brooklyn Bridge is not only one of the oldest bridges in the United States; it’s also one of the most photographed New York City landmarks. The bridge was completed in 1883 and connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East River. It is a cable suspension bridge that is around 1,600 feet long, and is both a National Historic Landmark and a National Historic Civil Engineering Landmark.

Dumbo, New York, United States | ©Kevin Rajaram/StockSnap

From the Brooklyn Bridge Park in DUMBO, Brooklyn, the bridge looks stunning between the green grass and the blue sky with the sun peeking through.

Two Bridges: Under Brooklyn Bridge | ©Jeffrey Zeldman/Flickr

On cloudy days, the Brooklyn Bridge is beautiful and strong.

Brooklyn Bridge | ©Anthony Delanoix/StockSnap

Everything becomes red in the twilight hours on the East River.

Guy Man People | ©Brooke Cagle/StockSnap

Sights, colors and sounds below with the large brick bridge above have all the makings for a perfect afternoon.

Brooklyn, new york | ©Vita Vilcina/Unsplash

This shift in perspective highlights the groundbreaking cable work found in the bridge.

Brooklyn Bridge architecture New York | ©Rob Bye/StockSnap

It’s all bright lights in the big city.

Brooklyn Bridge architecture american | ©Anthony Delanoix/StockSnap

The bronze and brown stand out against the pale morning sky.

Brooklyn Bridge architecture city | ©Matthew Wiebe/StockSnap

This interconnected web shows a new perspective on the bridge. So much wire.

cityscape day | ©Thomas Bormans/StockSnap

Lower Manhattan stuns in this picture from the bridge.

black night new york | ©Oleg Chursin/StockSnap

New York, New York.