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The 10 Best Cafés And Bakeries In Jackson Heights, New York
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The 10 Best Cafés And Bakeries In Jackson Heights, New York

Picture of Vincent Amoroso
Updated: 9 February 2017
The cafés of Jackson Heights, New York are well beyond the norm of your average coffeehouses. Each with its own unique vibe, they also offer distinct fare customary to the South American cultures that populate this northern Queens neighborhood. Many feature highly eclectic baked goods and hot foods not seen in most other cafés around the city. Here is our guide to the 10 best.

Aroma Brazil

In one of the busiest areas of Jackson Heights, just a stone’s throw away from the 7 train, is a new Brazilian style café called Aroma Brazil. Aroma pairs a stunning décor that features stone-splashed walls, cozy seating, with warm and friendly service, as flavorful as their signature Brazilian dark brew. Like most Latino-style cafés, Aroma offers something more than a good cup of coffee. Aroma Brazil offers a mouth-watering hot buffet, which adds a new spin to typical café experience.

Aroma Brazil, 75-13 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York, USA, +1 718 672 7662

Ricky’s Café

For a perfect lunchtime snack Ricky’s Café serves up an affordable menu of tasty sandwiches and burgers complemented by a smooth medium coffee blend. Ricky’s has dining and counter seating in a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The burgers and sandwiches are packed with flavor and nicely accompanied by service that is prompt and inviting. This Colombian-style corner-stop café overlooks the trendy end of Jackson Heights along 37th Avenue.

Ricky’s Café, 75-02 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York, USA, +1 718 478 1360

Lety Bakery & Café

Baking up the sweetness Colombian-style, Lety Bakery and Café has locations in both Jackson Heights and Woodside. The atmosphere is cozy and inviting, with Lety featuring top-notch Colombian pastries, cookies, tarts, and custom cakes. Lety also offers an assortment of flavor-packed ice cream scoops to go along with a warm cup of brew with a hint of spice and infused with steamed milk.

Lety Bakery & Café, 77-07 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York, USA, +1 718 507 6539

Seba Seba

The buzzing activity of Seba Seba is testimony to its popularity amongst Jackson Heights and Corona patrons. Colombian specialty dishes highlight this longtime neighborhood restaurant and café. Its Spanish comfort food and rich coffee is made fresh daily, and mixed with a friendly table-side service, Seba Seba brings family-style dishes to the highest level. Its white-washed tiles and retro décor adds measures to its vibrancy.

Seba Seba, 79-28 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York, USA, +1 718 478 4691

La Nueva Bakery

Featured in a segment of Unique Sweets, La Nueva is a definite local favorite. This Uruguayan café features fresh baked sweet treats and empanadas in assorted varieties, crafted in a classic Colombian and Argentine style. La Nueva also boasts homemade pies bursting with flavor and an aroma that is truly mouth-watering. La Nueva has been a mainstay of Jackson Heights since the ’90s and continues to dominate this neighborhood’s café scene.

La Nueva Bakery, 86-10 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York, USA, +1 718 507 4785

Azoguenita Bakery

A cozy atmosphere and warm friendly service are the hallmarks of Azoguenita Bakery and Restaurant. Catering to the large Ecuadorian population in Jackson Heights, Azoguenita has come to offer a family style restaurant featuring famed soups and stews enjoyed by patrons of all types. The décor is relaxed and inviting, and they serve up breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates. The coffee is a spicy brew infused with hot milk, but Azoguenita also serves wine and beer.

Azoguenita Bakery & Restaurant, 91-23 37th Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York, USA, +1 718 651 1209

Veyta’s Bakery & Café

Veyta’s Bakery and Café is located in the heart of the Jackson Heights shopping district. This cozy corner café specializes in Mexican-style breads, pastries, and towering handcrafted wedding cakes. Veyta’s has a sleek and inviting décor highlighting natural juice drinks popularized by so many street vendors around the neighborhood. They offer a very tasty espresso and a hot milk-infused Mexican coffee blend.

Veyta’s Bakery & Café, 92-01 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York, USA, +1 718 424 860

Vanilla Café

Vanilla Café is quickly becoming popular among patrons of Jackson Heights, Corona, and Flushing. Originally established as a Japanese bakery, the Jackson Heights location features a menu full of Mexican cuisine specialties, as well as variety of savory dishes including homemade paninis, sandwiches, burgers, and fritas. Vanilla Café also serves up a number of cool treats like a variety of ice creams and natural fruit-infused drinks.

Vanilla Café, 87-01 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York, USA, +1 718 507 0807

El Pequeño Coffee Shop

An eclectic assortment of alcoholic and non-alcoholic natural juice drinks bring a unique feature to this Ecuadorian-style café. El Pequeno has a vibrant atmosphere complemented with melodic salsa music and friendly table-side service. This café also offers freshly baked breads and sinful dessert treats. The lunch and dinner entrées capture a traditional South American flair.

El Pequeno Coffee Shop, 86-10 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York, USA, +1 718 205 7128

Pecoshita Bakery & Café

Wheat basket ornamentals, hardwood floors, and knobby brick give Pecoshita a warm, rustic feel. This Colombian café specializes in freshly baked bread, croissants, and bagels. Pecoshita also has a splendid assortment of pastries and desserts, which matches nicely with a rich Colombian brew infused with warm milk. The relaxed atmosphere makes for an ideal place to enjoy a solo cup of java or pleasant conversation.

Pecoshita Bakery & Café, 80-03 Roosevelt Avenue, Jackson Heights, New York, USA, +1 718 458 1806