The Top 10 Restaurants In Bernalillo, New Mexico

Duck carnitas hash | © Omid Tavallai/Flickr
Duck carnitas hash | © Omid Tavallai/Flickr
The culinary influence of neighboring country, Mexico, has been essential in creating the American-Mexican blended cuisine, now called New Mexican fare. The small town of Bernalillo stands as proof of this, as most of their restaurants serve food with New Mexican flavors integrated. Whether it’s a classic American cafe or a local brewery serving burgers, they all add the staple flavors like green chile, salsa or refried beans. At the places that serve breakfast you’ll always find the breakfast burrito along the classic American choices like bacon and eggs. These are Bernalillo’s top 10 restaurants where you’ll be sure to taste plenty of New Mexican flavors.

Lupe’s Antojitos

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A family owned restaurant which makes all the food from scratch, Lupe’s Antojitos is located in the northern side of Bernalillo, and serves Mexican specialties. The small and cozy place has an American diner style and colorful decorations, reminiscent of Mexican culture. On their menu are dishes like tacos and burritos in a variety of combinations, from barbecue to marinated meat, enchiladas and Mexican-style soups, besides a large variety of seafood options. They also serve horchata, a traditional Mexican drink.
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Corn Maiden

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Corn Maiden is a warm and cozy restaurant, dotted with fireplaces, located on the premises of the Tamaya Resort, overlooking the Twin Warriors Golf Club. Corn Maiden blends regional culinary influences with global flavors to create unique dishes. Expect to find on their menu options like New Mexico beef carpaccio, black bean tofu cakes, buffalo tenderloin and green chile piñon apple pie. The open kitchen with views over the chef’s preparatory area makes for a unique dining experience.
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Range Café

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This restaurant was originally set in an old gas station; they have since moved to a newer, more modern place. Range Café serves a mix of Mexican specialties and American classics. Their menu features dishes like burgers topped with corn chile relleno, spinach enchiladas, pulled pork with cotija cheese and pumpkin pie served year-round. Next to the restaurant there’s also a gift shop with locally produced items. Don’t miss their occasional wine tasting and live music, organized in the restaurant’s Rodeo Lounge.
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Kaktus Brewing Company

Kaktus Brewery boasts the only brewery in Bernalillo producing craft micro-beer. The place is decorated in a 1960s and 1970s funky style, offering also a cozy backyard terrace, where you can enjoy American food with a few influences from German cuisine. They serve homemade pizzas, bratwursts with sauerkraut, pretzels and pies. Besides the great food, the biggest attraction here are their craft beers, ranging from lager and imperial stout to amber ale and German pilsner.

Kaktus Brewing Company, 471 South Hill Rd, Bernalillo, NM, USA. +1 505 379 5072.

Freight House

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A brand new restaurant on Bernalillo’s food scene, Freight House opened its doors in 2015. The interior features modern industrial elements to resemble the historic Santa Fe freight house building in the neighboring city, Albuquerque. It contrasts heavily with the warm, creative dishes and the local craft beer they have available on tap. On the menu you’ll find dishes like pork chops ranchero, shrimp and grits and everything in between, including tacos and lobster tater tots. The beer selection ranges from Vanilla porter to raspberry beer and oatmeal stout.
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Abuelita’s New Mexican Kitchen

Located on the city’s main road, Abuelita’s Kitchen has been serving up some of the best Mexican food in the area for years. Their interior has been recently modernized, now featuring a bright eating area with traditional artwork and tapestry hanging on the walls. Their menu features all the traditional Mexican dishes paired with hot green and red chili. Don’t miss out trying dishes like the Chicharone burrito, the tacopilla, enchiladas or chile rellenos.

Abuelita’s New Mexican Kitchen, 621 S Camino Del Pueblo, Bernalillo, NM, USA. +1 505 867 9988

Twisters Grill

Twisters serves New Mexican fare in a cozy place, suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner. They have several locations throughout the state. One of the most popular items on the menu is the breakfast burrito, which comes in a variety of selections from the most basic to the one with bell peppers, potatoes or sausage. Other items on their menu include huevos rancheros, enchiladas and tacos, but also the all-American favorite burgers or chicken sandwiches. In Bernalillo they are located right in the center, on the main road crossing the town.

Twisters Grill, 130 E Hwy 550, Bernalillo, NM, USA. +1 505 867 9110

Mesa Grille

Located within the premises of the Santa Ana Star Casino, Mesa Grille specializes in burgers, often with monthly special creations. It’s a small, cozy place where locals and casino goers stop for a delicious bite. Their classic burgers are made with angus beef and they also offer a veggie burger option. Other local specialties on their menu include frito pie, beef taquitos or the green chile chicken stew. Mesa Grille is also known for their fresh pastries, from fruit danishes to cannolis, and their hand-blended milkshakes.

Mesa Grille, Santa Ana Star Casino, 51 Jemez Dam Road, Bernalillo, NM, USA

Blake’s Lotaburger

A local burger famed place, with over 60 years of history, Blake’s first opened as a burger stand, quickly expanding soon after. They specialize in blending the all-American classic burger with the New Mexican staple flavor, the green chile, creating the green chile cheeseburger. For breakfast they serve the New Mexico classic choice, burritos, in a variety of flavors from bacon to green chile and carne adovada. The jalapeño is another ingredient they like to add on some of their plates for a hotter culinary experience.

Blake’s Lotaburger, 297 W Highway 44, Bernalillo, NM, USA. +1 505 867 2658

Sadie’s at the Star

Sadie’s has been in business for over 50 years, serving New Mexican traditional food prepared after family recipes. The house specialty are the enchiladas, a must-try, but their menu also features stuffed sopapilla, burritos or the chile bowl. Any dish you’ll order is coated with their hot salsas and chiles, which you can also buy at their shop next door. As for the drinks menu, they offer eight margarita varieties, from the ‘Santa Fe’ to the ‘midori’ flavors, local beer brews and a large selection of tequila options.

Sadie’s at the Star, 54 Jemez Canyon Dam Road, Bernalillo, NM, USA. +1 505 771 7140