Top 10 Restaurants In Brick, New Jersey

View over the ocean in New Jersey © Sister72/Flickr
View over the ocean in New Jersey © Sister72/Flickr
Photo of Lily Cichanowicz
9 February 2017

Brick is an oceanside township in New Jersey. In addition to pirate shows, parks and quaint resorts, Brick is the site of some culinary delights. From hip Asian fusion establishments to tried and true New York City-style pizza pies, you are bound to find something to please any palate in this scenic gem. Here are our top picks for dining in Brick.

Tuscany Restaurant & Bar

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Tuscany Restaurant & Bar offers classic Italian and American cuisine in a sultry environment. The dining area is enclosed in bare brick walls, and there are framed images of iconic Italian destinations like Venice. The tables and chairs are made of richly toned wood. As for the food, menu items range from gooey, flavorful Reuben sandwiches to butternut squash raviolis and filet mignon. All across the board, you can expect large portions for fair prices. Plus, it is clear that everything here is made with quality and care. Service is always friendly and cordial, but be aware that this place tends to get crowded.

Super Pollo II

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Super Pollo II specializes in Latin American fare with an emphasis on Peruvian cuisine, from fried plantains to empanadas, succulent roasted rotisserie chicken, seafood and cau-cau. One of the popular choices is the papa rellena, a fried potato stuffed with ground meat and spices served with onions marinated in lime. The interior is simple and laid back, which only makes it better for diving into some yummy, albeit a bit messy, food. Football games are typically playing on the TVs in the restaurant, which adds a touch of authenticity.

Taylor Sam’s

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Taylor Sam’s is certainly one of the best breakfast and casual lunch joints in Brick. The interior is unpretentious and homely. There is a large chalkboard with dessert options, and bar style seating is available. Some menu items include the Buffalo chicken burger oozing with blue cheese and Buffalo sauce, pancakes of all sorts, BBQ duck tacos, omelets, breakfast bagels, and the calabrese burger with salami and provolone. The tiramisu cake is a particularly popular dessert as well as the caramel apple cheesecake. Taylor Sam’s also offers a multitude of remarkable coffee drinks like their amazing chai lattes, which sets it apart from many other diners.


Ikko offers the best Japanese hibachi experience in Brick. Pleasing to the tastes of vegetarians and meat lovers alike, there is a hibachi option for everyone. You can also find a myriad of different sushi rolls on the menu in addition to more extravagant sushi specials. If you’re looking to celebrate a special occasion at Ikko, be sure to order one of their sushi boats. The Hawaii boat, which comes with a lobster, is one great option. To enhance the nutritional value of your sushi or hibachi dinner, ask for Ikko’s notorious black rice instead of conventional white. For lunch, try the delicious udon soup filled with delicious ingredients like pork belly and seaweed, served with remarkable presentation.

Ikko, 107 Brick Plaza, Brick, NJ, USA, +1 732 477 6077

Turning Point Restaurant

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For another one of the most outstanding breakfast spots in town, be sure to visit Turning Point Restaurant. Come here for American-style classics like eggs and sausage, crisp waffles, and tuna melts. Plus, they do an excellent job at coming up with creative twists on traditional favorites. For instance, they offer multiple variations of eggs benedict like the lobster eggs benedict with avocado. For the French toast, there’s the fruity Hawaiian option and the pumpkin French toast served with mascarpone, cinnamon, bacon, and toasted pecans. Pair your breakfast with a flavorful French press coffee or a smoothie.

Denino’s Pizzeria

There are a few good pizza places in Brick, but Denino’s Pizzeria stands out from the rest. Their pies combine the best toppings, and the pizza is done in New York style with a crispy, thin crust. You can trust its authenticity because Denino’s original location is on Staten Island. Denino’s also serves other Italian treats like arancini balls and pasta fagioli. Denino’s can accommodate large groups, and naturally, they deliver as well. The atmosphere is welcoming, and the establishment is clean and spacious. A meal at Denino’s Pizzeria is one that will keep you coming back for more.

Denino’s Pizzeria, 869 Mantoloking Rd, Brick, NJ, USA, +1 732 262 1313

Spanish Potato Grill

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Spanish Potato Grill serves authentic Spanish and Portuguese dishes. Here, you’re bound to find something to ignite your taste buds. If you were wondering about the restaurant’s name, one thing that does set these entrées apart is that they come with round fried potato slices that are akin to thick potato chips. The most popular menu items will best appeal to the carnivores among you. For instance, the succulent and buttery roasted chicken breast with Portuguese chorizo is very tasty. For something on the lighter side, seafood is a popular commodity at Spanish Potato Grill. Get the shellfish platter with clams, muscles, and lobsters, and you won’t be disappointed.

PJ Lee’s

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If you’re looking for something a little bit different to ignite your taste buds, PJ Lee’s Mongolian BBQ is an excellent pick. The restaurant predominantly serves noodle dishes according to traditional Mongolian recipes. The setup allows you to pick and choose the meats and veggies you’d like to incorporate into your dish. They also have tofu available. Each dish is cooked on a large heated platform that’s a bit like a hibachi table. The kitchen is open so that you can watch this unique preparation process take place. If you’d like to diversify your dining experience by adding some appetizers, try the dumplings and the Mongolian soup.

Koi Asian Fusion Lounge

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As you might have guessed by the name, Koi Asian Fusion Lounge serves Asian fusion with a focus on Japanese cuisine. Ordering at a restaurant with a sprawling menu featuring dishes with foreign names can be overwhelming – that’s why Koi Asian Fusion Lounge features impressive menus with images and descriptions of the different items on offer. You can find curries, sushi, and Southeast Asian-style seafood dishes, just to name a few things. For dessert, the fruit flavored mochi comes highly recommended. The contemporary style interior features dark wooden tables and chairs, along with a full bar and a large mural of a koi pond.


Fins is your go to spot in Brick if you’re looking to enjoy a relaxed meal consisting of Mexican or Caribbean fare that it terms ‘tropicali’. Ideal for a casual lunch, Fins serves tropical smoothies, a variety of different wraps, nachos, tacos, chalupas and more. Fins’ menu is creative and includes wraps like the Malibu Grinder, which contains grilled chicken, grilled pineapple, avocado, lettuce and pico de gallo in a spinach tortilla. The interior is fun and colorful, which certainly adds to the experience. Overall, Fins is an excellent alternative to national chains specializing in similar foods. The ingredients are fresh, and the food is prepared daily.

Fins, 1930 New Jersey 88, Brick, NJ, USA, +1 732 458 3200