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The 10 Best Restaurants In Bayonne, New Jersey
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The 10 Best Restaurants In Bayonne, New Jersey

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Updated: 9 February 2017
Bayonne, New Jersey, is known for its Italian food. Explore Bayonne with us and discover the best of this cuisine and more, including excellent Japanese fusion and some of the best diners in Jersey.
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The Little Food Café

The Little Food Café is a family-owned place offering locals a delicious selection of breakfast and lunch food. Since opening in 2001, The Little Food Café has become a pillar of the Bayonne community. One-time visitors become regulars and regulars become personal friends of the mother-and-daughter team who run the cafe. Those looking for a little home-town, home-cooked comfort at extremely affordable prices should make a beeline here. They also offer a popular range of vegan meals so everyone can enjoy the cafe.

The Little Food Café, 330 John F Kennedy Boulevard, Bayonne, NJ, USA, +1 201 436 6800

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Buon Appetito

An Italian restaurant that lives up to its name, Buon Appetito offers visitors two dining experiences. Either you can enjoy a sit-down dinner in their light and open-spaced dining room or enjoy more casual dining and takeout from their deli. Both are underpinned by a commitment to big, comforting dishes with the bold flavors that you want from real Italian food. There is also an off-menu buffet selection for the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with their wide selection of appetizers, entrees and desserts.

Buon Appetito, 906 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ, USA, +1 201 436 0043

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Andrew’s Project

Andrew’s Project is defined by one simple maxim: ‘eat healthy in order to live healthy’. In practice, this means a dedication to gluten-free, vegan, organic, non-GMO ingredients and meals. Crucially, however, they are also dedicated to flavor, making their food as delicious as it is healthy. However, rest assured carnivores: the restaurant also offers meat and poultry dishes along the same healthy mantra, eschewing factory farming and caged hens. In short, Andrew’s Project is an ideal place for those looking for a completely guilt-free gourmet experience.

Andrew’s Project, 737 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ, USA, +1 201 339 0033

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Venice Restaurant

An establishment that many in Bayonne grew up with, The Venice defined for them what great pizza tasted like at a young age. Although it has gone through many changes since then, it is still the same Venice the town grew to love. It still has the same familiar interior (and the addition of an outdoor patio a few years ago) and fantastic pizza pies. Perfect pizza, as well as a selection of other legendary Italian dishes make this an ideal visit, whether for the first or 50th time.

Venice Restaurant, 31 Cottage Street, Bayonne, NJ, USA, +1 201 339 1115

Avenue C, Bayonne | © Jim.henderson/WikiCommons
Avenue C, Bayonne | © Jim.henderson/WikiCommons
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Amici’s Restaurant

Amici’s is a hidden treasure in Bayonne. Most have not ventured as far as its location at the end of Broadway by Sixth and Dodge when looking for food, but Amici’s is worth going those extra miles. After all, it offers an immersive Italian experience, from the earthy colors of the interior to the massive Martini menu. The food is so authentic you will believe you are in Naples rather than New Jersey. The menu offers hearty portions of every Italian dish you can imagine, but it is the specials’ board that really makes this restaurant one of the best in the state.

Amici’s Restaurant, 184 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ, USA, +1 201 437 4299

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Café Bello

Café Bello is a popular answer from many Jerseyites if you ask them which restaurant offers the best pizza in the state. Its sauces are famed, and they have many dishes with deep flavors. Their pesto and spicy vodka sauces in particular have many fans in the area.

Cafe Bello, 1044 Avenue C, Bayonne, NJ, USA, +1 201 437 7358

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Otaiko opened in 2013 with the aim to bring Asian-fusion cooking to a town of pizza parlors. In trying to appeal to the town’s proud working-class tradition, owner Kenny Shao has ensured that this restaurant remains moderately priced. Additionally, its hibachi chefs add a sense of performance to diners who want to be entertained as well as fed. ‘It is fine dining and a show,’ explained Shao – making for a restaurant unlike any other in Bayonne.

Otaiko, 125 Lefante Way, Bayonne, NJ, USA, +1 201 339 3399

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La Guardiola

This family-owned bistro and restaurant offers the authentic Italian fare that this town does so well. However, La Guardiola really comes into its own in summer when it becomes a fantastic location for a spot of al fresco dining with its outdoor seating area. Whatever the season, La Guardiola offers upscale dining, with its European cafe vibe given a distinctly Jersey twist to create a real destination for those looking for a classy Italian meal.

La Guardiola, 819 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ, USA, +1 201 823 3399

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Café Talya

Café Talya has the Holy Trinity lacking from so many cafes throughout the USA: it is friendly, inexpensive and serves great food. The place exudes comfort, from its interior to its staff doing their upmost to help you to the menu of American and Turkish-influenced dishes. Anyone looking to show out-of-town guests New Jersey hospitality at its best should take their visitors to Café Talya for a pancake breakfast or for a satisfying and substantial lunch.

Cafe Talya, 218 Avenue B, Bayonne, NJ, USA, +1 201 535 5333

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Broadway Diner

The Broadway Diner claims to offer ‘the world’s best pancakes’: a bold claim, but one that their delicious pancakes do a good job of earning. The Broadway is one of the Jersey Shore’s most-popular diners. Open 24 hours a day, it is ready to satisfy any food craving you might have at any hour with its pancakes, deli sandwiches, burgers and other diner classics, all delivered efficiently to your table by dedicated servers.

Broadway Diner, 1075 Broadway, Bayonne, NJ, +1 201 437 7338