Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Montclair, New Jersey

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Known as the Brooklyn of the suburbs, this urban town is jam-packed with top-notch bistros, restaurants and cafes. While most of them dish out delicious food, not all of them serve it sustainably. If you’re looking for the ones that do, here is our guide to the best farm-to-table restaurants in Montclair, New Jersey.


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Montclair’s Fascino is run by an internationally-acclaimed chef with experience in kitchens all over the world. However, here the restaurant focuses on serving home-cooked meals with homegrown ingredients from local farms. Try one of their freshly-cooked Italian dishes made from sustainable and organic foods.

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A longtime local favorite eatery and famously popular brunch spot in town, Raymond’s is Montclair’s elevated diner with a menu full of fresh ingredients. Whether it’s the gourmet marshmallows cut by hand or the farm-fresh eggs sourced from a local farmer (we hear they have their own flock), the restaurant takes pride in being selective about what goes into each dish.

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De Novo

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Italian for “to start again,” this European pub describes its food as, “fun, fresh and foraged.” With house-made—well—everything, De Novo’s dishes certainly live up to the restaurant’s catchphrase. While you’re here, try their fresh, handmade pasta that’s cooked up with locally-sourced ingredients.

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Pig and Prince

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In an old converted train station, the Pig and Prince serves up delightful gourmet creations with local and organic ingredients. The gastropub is loved for its attention to detail in everything from the decor to the cocktails and especially the menu. Head chef Michael Carrino is known to be a regular at most farmers’ markets in town, where he sources fresh produce for the Pig and Prince.

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Le Salbuen

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In a cozy and intimate space on Walnut Street guests can dine on European-inspired dishes that are impeccably fresh. A true supporter of the farm-to-table movement, Le Salbuen goes as far as to cook each ingredient in local and organic olive and coconut oils. They even feature a list of the local farms and growers they buy from on their restaurant website.

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Laurel & Sage

Bistro, American, $$$

A Montclair restaurant featuring globally-inspired food made with local ingredients, Laurel & Sage is quickly becoming a popular local hang. Thanks to its passionate lead chef, the menu changes each season to incorporate only the freshest produce available from local farms.

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Turtle + the Wolf

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As purveyors of fine foods, the folks behind Turtle + the Wolf are committed to creating high-quality dishes with high-quality ingredients. In their ambient and inviting restaurant, their mission is, “to cook seasonal food with ingredients sourced as locally as possible, whenever possible, while continuing to support these awesome producers.”

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