A Guide to Whiskey Fest in Jersey City, NJ

Glass of whiskey on a wooden table.
Glass of whiskey on a wooden table. | © felix_w / Pixabay
Food and drink festivals have been growing in popularity all over the United States – and Jersey City, NJ, is no stranger to that trend. While many are familiar with the city’s food fests, the burgeoning beer and cocktail scene in Jersey City has inspired numerous drinks-based events. Jersey City Whiskey Fest is just one of those festivals. Hosted by Evan Berman Productions, the weekend event invites locals from the Garden State and New York City to Harborside in Jersey City to sample the world’s finest whiskeys. But for those who are new to drink events of this size, don’t worry, learn more about how to work your way around Jersey City Whiskey Fest below.

Try the local stuff

Guests trying out Misunderstood Whiskey at Jersey City Whiskey Fest. © Jersey City Whiskey Fest

Although many people look to Scotland and Ireland for their whiskey (or whisky, depending on where it’s from), there are many varieties that are made locally in the New York metro area. Slow & Low Rock & Rye is made in Philadelphia while Misunderstood Whiskey was founded and distilled in Jersey City. Not only can you find them at Jersey City Whiskey Fest, but you’ll also be able to find them at many of the local bars in the city.

Experience the rare whiskey styles

Jersey City Whiskey Fest prides itself on bringing attendees a large variety of spirits, and they aren’t kidding. The event offers more than 100 styles of whiskey from bourbons to single malts. Regardless of how knowledgeable you are with your whiskey, the event will not only let you drink your favorites but also expose you to some liquors that you might not have tried before. For instance, there are number of rare Japanese whiskeys that have become mainstays at the festival, which are not easily found elsewhere.

Enjoy the culinary options

Darn good #oldfashioned #gelato from @bucketandbay at #jcwhiskeyfest #jerseycity

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Although many come to Jersey City Whiskey Fest for the alcohol, you should never start a drinking event without anything in your belly. It’s a good thing the festival organizers have as good taste in food as they do spirits. Whether its BBQ from Red, White & Que Smokehouse or dessert from Bucket & Bay Craft Gelato, Jersey City Whiskey Fest will also be able to satisfy those food cravings and keep you fueled to sample other drinks.

It’s not just for whiskey drinkers

While it may be a whiskey festival, the organizers know that not every attendee is a die-hard scotch or rye fan. So they made sure to accommodate not only those who like other drinks but also the ones who have volunteered to be designated drivers. Jersey City Whiskey Fest also offers a selection of other beverages including Claremont Vodka and Hoboken Brewery.