Where To Eat Out In Concord, New Hampshire

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14 November 2016

The capital city of New Hampshire, Concord is an unexpected mix of historic buildings and beautiful nature. The city is something of a foodie haven too, so in this updated guide to Concord dining, we’ve chosen 10 great restaurants to try out in Concord. From established local favorites to vegan cafes and smoothie joints, Concord really has something for every palate.

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Cafe Indigo

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Paul and Patti, the owners of Cafe Indigo, never thought about opening a restaurant until their two daughters made the choice to become vegan. To second their decision, Patti started recreating traditional recipes with vegan ingredients, and realised that vegan doesn’t have to mean tasteless at all. Eventually, her husband and she decided to establish Cafe Indigo to share the scrumptious vegan goods they had been experimenting with. Here you can try a range of surprisingly delicious pastries, cakes and pies; but the owners are especially proud of their seitan (the vegan equivalent of meat), the basis of recipes like the sliced seitan cutlets or the seitan cheese steak.


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The signature restaurant of Concord’s Centennial Hotel, Granite is a fine dining establishment delivering sumptuous modern American cuisine. The tantalising menu is courtesy of chef Corey Fletcher, who is extremely talented in adding fresh, surprising twists that enhance old classics while staying true to the original flavour. The kitchen’s staff also pays the utmost care and attention to presenting the food, constructing beautiful arrangements that promise – and deliver – superb taste. Boasting a sleek, chic venue and an elegantly casual ambience, dining at Granite’s restaurant or stopping for a few drinks at the bar is one of the best things you can do in Concord to treat yourself to a stylish night out.

Live Juice

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Live Juice

While the farm-to-table movement keeps gaining flocks of converts across the biggest international capitals, the rest of the world is catching up more slowly. Live Juice is an independent eatery pioneering the fresh, local and organic food philosophy in Concord. Opened a little more than a year ago, this healthy version of a fast food serves a variety of simple but flavourful and wholesome snacks like salads and soups, but the real standouts here are the beverages. Between freshly-concocted juices, smoothies and tonics, Live Juice will refuel your body with drinks both tasty and nutritious.

Live Juice, 5 S Main St, Concord, NH, USA, +1 603 226 3024

Makris Lobster & Steakhouse

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The Makris family has a long history of flirting with Concord’s local foodies. It all began in the early 1900s, when ancestor Ed Makris opened the first of a series of restaurants owned and operated by members of the Makris family. The latest of these, the Makris Lobster & Steakhouse, was established in 1992, originally as a seafood restaurant only. Quality meats were brought to the table two years later, raising the diner to steakhouse status as well. After 20 years, Makris Lobster & Steakhouse is still one of the best options in town for palate-pleasing meals of succulent meats and fresh seafood.

Newell Post Restaurant

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Located in a tranquil, residential area, in a small, charming house surrounded by trees and nature, Newell Post Restaurant is an endearingly cosy diner open for breakfast and lunch only. The restaurant is operated by a married couple living in the area, who have realised their dream of establishing Newell Post Restaurant as a warm, welcoming place to spoil the local community with scrumptious, all-American fare. The breakfast menu is particularly enticing, featuring such an incredible variety of egg recipes that you are sure to find your old favourite. For lunch, choose from delicious salads, subs, wraps and speciality grilled sandwiches.

Sunny's Table

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Sunny’s Table

At Sunny’s Table, the chefs make the best out of New England’s notoriously excellent sea produce to craft a select range of Asian-inspired delights in an eclectic, successful combination of local and global. Highlights from the small plate menu include the soba (buckwheat thin noodles) salad and the salmon tartare. Among the large plates, try the short ribs with a Malaysian curry or the Korean-style fried chicken legs. The exotic flavours of Sunny’s Table fare mixed up with the venue’s sleek décor and urban vibe make for one of the most original, characterful restaurants on Concord’s dining scene.

Sunny’s Table, 11 Depot St, Concord, NH, USA, +1 603 225 8181

The Barley House

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Conveniently situated in Concord’s historic downtown, a stone’s throw away from the quaint State Capitol, The Barley House has the charming ambience of something halfway between a polished-up tavern and a British pub. The food, however, is quintessentially American. In particular, The Barley House is best-known for its lip-smacking burgers, regarded as some of the best in Concord. If you visit while on a trip and know you won’t be back, make you sure your order says Dublin burger: this ridiculously delicious treat featuring blue cheese and a whisky gravy oozing on top of a grilled Angus beef has won awards state-wide.

The Common Man

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The Common Man

The Common Man is a New Hampshire based chain of family-owned restaurants, founded in 1971 in Ashland. Concord’s outlet, which debuted 14 years ago now, flaunts a warming atmosphere founded on a well-executed balance of rustic setting and elegant décor, especially recommended for families. The kitchen rustles up exquisite specialties of New England cuisine – begin with fresh mussels or baked escargots, follow by a hand-selected grilled filet with bérnaise sauce on top or a turkey pot pie from the house’s array of specialities. Alternatively, go for a fish entrée (Portsmouth pie, swordfish brochette, baked scallops) prepared with fish brought in fresh from the coast.

The Common Man, 25 Water St, Concord, NH, USA, +1 603 228 3463

The Red Blazer

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Sesame seed crusted salmon, stuffed haddock and charbroiled New York sirloin are only some of the classic, inviting dishes featured on The Red Blazer‘s menu. Although not extraordinary, the food is tasty and well-prepared, so much so that The Red Blazer remains among the most cherished and reliable restaurants in Concord, an institution that locals keep going back to for a failsafe meal of delectable, traditional American fare. Located inside The Red Blazer’s premises, the Peanut Pub is another draw of the house’s, particularly appreciated for its notable selection of draft beers.

The Works

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Part of a New England small chain of cafes, The Works offers healthy, delicious food ideal for breakfast, a tasty lunch or a quick snack. Fresh, seasonal veggies, artisanal breads baked in-house, humanely raised, hormone-free meats and cage-free eggs are the natural, organic basis for the scrumptious staples the cafe has to offer. The quality of the ingredients makes the difference: sandwiches, paninis, eggs, wraps, salads and everything else tastes delicious and full of flavor. The New York-style bagels, boiled and baked in small batches all throughout the day and filled with a heavenly cream cheese, are among the most popular items.