10 Best Restaurants In Nashua, New Hampshire

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9 February 2017

The second largest city in New Hampshire, Nashua is a lively place keen to emphasize its cultural life. Food-wise, the city’s strong suit is still American cuisine, but it doesn’t lack exciting international options as these top 10 restaurants prove.

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Cedar's Cafe

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Like Middle Eastern food? Then you’re going to love Cedar’s Cafe and its fine selection of exquisite, expertly made Middle Eastern wraps. Try the falafel wrap, filled with the terrific fried balls of ground chickpeas; or the tabouleh variant stuffed with a fresh, hearty portion of Lebanon‘s traditional, bulgar-based tabouleh salad. The kebabs, available with different kinds of meat, are also a strong draw that keep patrons coming back. The restaurant’s venue is unimpressive, but it offers a convenient takeout service – grab your wrap and sink your teeth in it outside for a delicious, Middle Eastern themed stroll in Nashua.

Fody's Tavern

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If you want to make your dinner out count as a full evening’s entertainment that’s about more than just the food, join Fody’s Tavern any night from Wednesdays to Saturdays. On these days, the restaurant offers a regular programme of live entertainment acts, ranging from music performances to stand-up comedy and cabaret shows, with the kitchen’s scrumptious food coming in as an added, delicious advantage. Choose between burgers, sandwiches, ribs, seafood and more, and enjoy your grub while basking in the beautifully upbeat, gregarious atmosphere of this quintessentially American tavern.

Martha's Exchange

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A sweet shop is still there inside restaurant Martha’s Exchange, standing as a testimony to its original function as a candy store. But many things have changed since the 1930s, when the shop was founded, and Martha’s Exchange has gradually evolved into a pub serving simple, scrumptious American fare. More than the food, however, this establishment is best-known for its award-winning beers. Here, a batch of 25 amazing beers are brewed in-house around the year, for the joy of all quaffers in Nashua. Martha’s Exchange earns extra points for its outdoor patio and the frequent live music shows.

MT's Local Kitchen and Wine Bar

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Micheal Timothy’s Local Kitchen and Wine Bar opened in Nashua some 20 years ago. Consistently delicious food, good quality service and delightful atmosphere have kept this unpretentious eatery a favourite despite the passage of time, chosen over and over again for delectable meals. The kitchen relies on seasonal ingredients, sourced from regional producers based in New England, to produce its evolving menu of inviting salads, steaks, pizzas and seafood dishes. The fine selection of bottles on the wine list, available both by the glass and the bottle at the house’s wine bar, also puts a focus on regional grapes from the North East of the United States.

Riverwalk Cafe and Music Bar

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Downtown Nashua
Downtown Nashua | ○ AlexiusHoratius/WikiCommons
Patrons love Riverwalk Cafe for its cosy atmosphere. A gem of an eatery located a stone’s throw away from the Nashua River which runs through the city, Riverwalk Cafe is ideal for a delicious breakfast, a light lunch or a sweet treat. The cafe serves a range of fresh salads, sandwiches and homemade pastries, but it takes particular pride in its coffee brews, roasted in-house with a traditional Turkish drum roaster. Riverwalk is also a music bar, which regularly entertains guests with live performances by local and regional jazz, blues and classical music artists. Come here to drink a cup of exquisite, top quality coffee while enjoying an intimate music act, and perhaps top the night off with a romantic walk along the nearby river.

Shira Kiku

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A mom-and-pop restaurant, Shira Kiku is the place to go in Nashua for a delectable dinner of traditional Korean fare. The restaurant is run by a hospitable Korean family, who are very familiar with the secrets to a lip-smacking Korean meal. Come here to try bulgogi (marinated beef with rice), the kimchi chigae stew of pork, vegetables and tofu, or any other option from the extensive menu of Korean specials. Don’t be afraid to make particular requests, either: the chef is very friendly and will be happy to craft dishes tailored to your preferences. If you favour Japanese over Korean food, Shira Kiku has got you covered with its selection of sushi and sashimi.

Shanghai Osaka

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Shanghai Osaka is another notable Asian restaurant in Nashua, specializing in authentic, flavorful Chinese and Japanese fare prepared by Chinese chefs Wei and Jong Weng. The restaurant offers two menus, Chinese Gourmet and Japanese Gourmet, but both are remarkably packed with an incredible spread of tantalising delicacies. The Chinese menu lists beef, chicken, fried rice, noodles, seafood and more options, including a selection of steamed healthy foods; on the other hand, the Japanese menu is broken down by rolls, tempura, teriyaki and salads. Shanghai Osaka also has its own sushi bar, which is recommended to all sushi lovers in Nashua.

Stella Blu

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Prize-winning restaurant Stella Blu brings the experience of dining with tapas to Nashua’s crowds of gourmets. The enticing menu tempts guests with multiple selections of tapas grouped by cuisine: you have traditional Spanish tapas alongside creative variant drawn from Italy (arancini, fried calamari), Asia (duck rangoons, thai stix), North America (pulled pork, seared scallops) and South America (fish tacos, empanadas). The tapas triumph unfurls in the restaurant’s elegant dining room, characterized by brick walls and discreet lighting. Don’t forget to match Stella Blu’s scrumptious bites with its equally famed martinis.


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New England is a prime region to taste prime seafood, and Nashua is no exception. In particular, Nashua is home to a restaurant that has been repeatedly voted as the best seafood restaurant in the entire New Hampshire. Established by the same owner of MT’s Local Kitchen, Surf tickles the taste buds of its swooning guests with an array of creative, innovative seafood dishes full of character and flavour. The house’s specials include the exquisite Portuguese seafood stew and the delectable sesame seared tuna served with wasabi mashed potatoes and tempura carrots.

Nashua Garden

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Sports fanatics will love sports bar The Nashua Garden. Literally every inch of the brick walls in this small but characterful eatery are plastered with sports-related prints, photographs and memorabilia, making it something of a sanctuary for local football and baseball lovers. Not into sports? Come here for the beer! The upstairs bar offers a selection of about 90 craft beers — record numbers for the area — including a range of beers on draft. Downstairs, the deli prepares out-of-this-world sandwiches from fresh buns, prime meats and quality ingredients. The Nashua Garden has some seating available both inside and on the outdoor patio.