This Is the Most Searched Destination of 2017 and the Reason May Surprise You

Las Vegas | © YS-Park / Pixabay
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Updated: 20 December 2017
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From earthquakes to hurricanes to protests, 2017 was a year with no shortage of location-specific headlines. But when Google released its list of the year’s most searched destinations, one city stood out above the rest: Las Vegas.

While people are by and large familiar with Las Vegas’ reputation as a party capital where “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas,” a tragic mass shooting in October 2017 gave news readers a fresh reason to learn more about the city.

The outpouring of love and support in Las Vegas after a shooter opened fire at a Route 91 country music festival, killing 58 and injuring dozens more, came in from all over the world. Donation drives were established in support of the victims and their families. A GoFundMe page in support of those impacted raised over $10 million in its first three days.

Las Vegas residents themselves, especially those who were present at or otherwise impacted by the shooting, are banding together. Groups of survivors, both from Nevada and from out of state, have scheduled potlucks, meet-ups, and brunches. A healing garden in Las Vegas has been planted since the attacks, with one tree planted for each of the victims.

“I’m proud of the community,” Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak told Fox News. “We’re getting through it together. Las Vegas is a big but relatively small community. Everyone knows someone who was there.”

And if Google’s travel search results are any indication, another significant measure of support may be coming Las Vegas’ way in 2018, as more people than ever decide to visit a city known for its laissez-faire spirit that refuses to be broken by even the most heinous act of hate.

Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada
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