The 10 Best Restaurants in Reno, Nevada

Downtown Reno ©Darron Birgenheier
Downtown Reno ©Darron Birgenheier
Reno is one of Nevada’s most-visited cities. Like a lot of Nevada cities, much of Reno is centered around the gambling scene. However, Reno is also a bustling city with a growing foundation in culture, food and art. Check out what downtown Reno has got to offer at ten of its best restaurants.
Burger l Courtesy of Old Granite Street Eatery Burger l Courtesy of Old Granite Street Eatery

Old Granite Street Eatery

Bar, Restaurant, American, $$$
Noble Pie Parlor
Noble Pie Parlor | © Courtesy of Noble Pie Parlor
Small and rustic, the interior of Old Granite Street Eatery helps set the mood for the overall experience. The restaurant is softly lit with long community tables set out. The menu is essentially American cuisine with a twist; from the unique hash browns served at breakfast to the deviled egg appetizer. And the burger, one of the juiciest ever, is a huge hit .The friendly service combined with the excellent food and warm atmosphere make Old Granite Eatery a perfect place for a meal with some friends.
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Noble Pie Parlor

Bar, Restaurant, Beer, Pub Grub, $$$
Charcuterie Plate at Beaujolais
Charcuterie Plate at Beaujolais | Courtesy of Beaujolais
Noble Pie Parlor serves up some of the best pizza in Reno. Don’t let the location deceive you; once inside, Noble Pie Parlor is a quaint little restaurant with all of the decor of a unique hip joint and the food of home. There’s a vast selection of pizzas and chicken wings and great news for all of the pizza lovers with a gluten allergy; a gluten-free (also vegan) crust is available, and just as tasty as the regular one.
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Beaujolais Bistro

Restaurant, French
Torta | © ProtoplasmaKid/Wiki Commons
A beautiful century-old home, situated in an old Reno neighborhood and just across from the river, has been renovated into the Beaujolais Bistro. Dining here is made even better with exceptional staff that are ready to cater to every need. With choices such as steak and duck the menu delivers some of the greatest dishes French cuisine has to offer. Of particular note arethe bacon-wrapped dates. If there is a celebration coming up or you just fancy a good meal, Beaujolais Bistro is the place to go.
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Tortas El Mariachi

A simple place, Tortas El Mariachi is all about the food. Serving authentic Mexican eats, everything is fresh and prepared on the spot. The biggest draw is the tortas which are available with many different options. However, there is a wide selection of other kinds of Mexican food as well, including quesadillas, burritos, and a great roasted pepper salsa. If you have trouble choosing, staff are ready to help make a choice. A great place for a quick lunch.

10 E Fourth St. Reno, NV 89501 +1 (775) 448-6221

La Famiglia

La Famiglia is one of the best Italian dining experiences in Reno. Warm and welcoming, the staff provide great service and there is even an accordion player, upon request. The food is simple but delicious, with a wide variety of pasta and meat dishes available. The ravioli ai funghi is remarkable in every way.

170 S Virginia St. Reno, NV 89501 +1 (775) 324-1414


The Bowl is located a little off the beaten track, away from the main downtown area. Placed in what appears to be an old garage, the spot has been fixed up with a clean retro look that opens out to the street. The chefs of Bowl have seemingly mastered the skill of making healthy food taste too good to be healthy. Everything from the mains (zucchini meatballs and duck confit) to the desserts (strawberry sorbet) is completely on point. The duck confit even rivals that of authentic French preparation.

148 West St Reno, NV 89501 (775) 327-4443

Taiwanese Cuisine

Restaurant, Taiwanese
Savory Dutch Baby
Savory Dutch Baby | ©Maggie
If in the mood for some Taiwanese food, this is the place to visit. 101 Taiwanese Cuisine serves traditional Taiwanese food ranging from traditional soups to sandwiches. The braised beef soup is superb, cooked to perfection. Alternatively, the popcorn chicken is enough for a full meal. And, of course, no Taiwanese place would be complete without boba bubble tea!
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Daughter's Café

Restaurant, Cafe, French, $$$
Crafted Palette
Crafted Palette | © Courtesy of Crafted Palette
If a homemade meal is desired, Daughter’s Café is the place to go. The restaurant is in the owners’ (the mother and her two daughters) refurbished period home, giving real a homely vibe. The Dutch Baby and and the beignets are especially good, and something a little different to your average breakfast. Everything is locally sourced, including the coffee which comes from a local roaster.
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Crafted Palette

Cafe, Vegetarian
Pupusas | © Courtesy of Restaurante Yesenia
Combining food and activity into one, Crafted Palette serves as a breakfast place, a coffee shop, a bar, and a painting studio. Paintings, from both classes and local artists, cover the walls and are up for sale. Although on the light side, the food is fresh and unorthodox as far as most breakfast and sandwich places go. The coffee and other hot drinks are exceptional and available all throughout the day. Later on, the place is converted into a studio. During classes, a selection of beverages and a wide array of desserts are offered.
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Restaurante Yesenia

Restaurante Yesenia is a bit of a change to the traditional Mexican fare, as it is a fusion of Mexican and Salvadoran cuisine. It’s a great place to try out Salvadoran dishes that are not particularly common. Most notable is the pupusas, best described as a Salvadoran pasty which comes with a variety of different fillings. As Restaurante Yesenia is family-run, the server (often the owner’s son) is very knowledgeable and happy to explain the options more thoroughly.

581 E Moana Ln Reno, NV 89502 +1 (775) 622-0117
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